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03-20-10, 06:36 PM
Ok, so here in New York State we have these things called Regents Exams. They are basically state tests given so that the colleges in New York State will be more willing to accept you (as long as you do good).

(This is kinda out of place but I am going to give you some background about me first.) I am a generally smart person. I was a whiz in middle school mainly because there was absolutely no work involved.I could daydream all day and still get outstanding grades. Now that I am in high school, everything is slipping. I went from having a 97 average to an 87. (and that's only because 3 of my classes are weighted, if they were not weighted I would have an 82 average.) So yeah, my grades have slipped big time and they are still going down at a steady rate) Paying attention is so hard and I find myself zoning out so much.

Finally I said something to my parents about getting a full evaluation done by a psychologist. I am 16 and was diagnosed with ADHD - I. (I think I was hyper as a kid though, kinda still am and I am uber impulsive) so it's possible I might have ADHD-III. (combined) In fact day I was playing outside all day today and never got tired...haha, anyways...

So the problem I have is these regents exams. I am trying to master them all (need an 85) and have barely done that. I have gotten 86's on several and very few broke into the 90's. But the one that troubles me is the Math B Regents examination. The first time I took it I got a 79 (I had a 68 average in that class). So I decided to retake it and got myself a good math tutor. (In fact the tutor was the one who suggested I get evaluated) I was feeling so confident and then blanked out on several things in the test. I was the only one left in the room and was spoken to a couple times about me zoning out as well. So I had a pretty good feeling that I did good, I was wrong. After 3 months of tutoring I only managed an 82. And now I have to take it again, but this time No tutor at all. This is the last time they are offering this test as Math B is no longer a course. I am so scared I will not master it again. Any study tips? I really want to do well but absolutely hate math. (In fact my calculus grade right now is a 67 (as well as my history) ) I tend to dive into problems before really thinking them through and I make dumb mistakes.

Any ideas, hints, tip or tricks will be appreciated. I really don't know how to solve my problem and I am not medicated as my mother is very against medication for some odd reason. Sorry for the ramble. =)

04-08-10, 11:33 AM
practice, practice, practice.

don't over do shouldn't take much to go from 82 to 85+...just keep it fresh & build your confidence and I'm sure you will do great!

Don't focus on the negative...just the possibilites once you boost the grade ever so slightly!

good luck!:)

04-14-10, 07:43 AM
I'm not a teen. But among other things, I'm a career counselor. And I've worked with lots of kids. I hope it's okay to post here.

Here's the thing. What's your goal? To get into college?

And what's your goal after that? After college, I mean?

The problem is that you are expending quite a bit of time and energy into something...but you don't know what it is, if you'll like it, or whether or not it's even good for you. :confused:

Because the right college for you might not even CARE about your Regent's math score. Trust me, I used to work in college admissions. The test prep places push the test scores because that's how they make money. The colleges themselves look at a bunch of different things.

How about this. You figure out what you want, exactly. I you want to be an artist? A mathematician? A teacher? A firefighter? A graphic designer? An event planner? A businessperson?

How about a general field? My man could be a salesman in any field, and he used to work in cars. But now he works in raves. He loves the scene. He still does almost exactly the same work, but the people and the looks are just different.

Pick that first, and then we can strategize about choosing the right school and putting together YOU into a package that they'll find irresistible. :p

Without torturing yourself with a stupid math test. :mad: