View Full Version : Adult ADD, Bipolar Depression and Anxiety Med Combinations

03-21-10, 04:44 PM
Hey guys,

First post. I'm a young working adult. I can take care of business but am having a very hard time from a personal POV.

It looks like girlfriend may not work out, which has had me sad lately. We were talking about moving in and she said her only concern was I could become "codependent". I rationally understand some of her concerns, and she is a good person who still loves me, but I have been getting emotional for the first time in years, random bouts of crying, staying at work till 9:30, manic stuff, the thing is a few hours after crying I just feel better and I realize me & her are just working out some issues. My biggest fear is I will say or do something when I am in an emotional low that will torpedo the relationship.

The highs and lows are due to untreated BPD that I am having a hard time managing on my own. I took abilify, which has a 2-3 day half life as a mood stabilizer, but a condition like Akathisia crept up on me where I was constantly restless and getting through the day was a nightmare. This is the only problem I can't handle - depression, anxiety, add, etc. I can cope with but what the abilify did was mental torture. Because of this, I am very afraid of starting a mood stabilizer, especially one that is hard to get off of.

Quick rundown.

From ages 18-24, I had bipolar depression, ADD, major social anxiety and almost complete social avoidance -- I could not hold down friends. At 25, I got my first job in a new city, got a bit out of depression, and did small amounts of socializing with coworkers. About one year ago, realizing my prospects for being a healthy adult were weak, I resigned to solve my problems. Part of that was medical care & scrips.

Quick Health / Goals Rundown

Drugs I've Tried and quit:
Almost every SNRI except Paxil
Abilify (for bipolar).

Current Prescriptions:
- Xanax 1mg x3
- Vyvanse 40mg x1
- Luvox 100mg / day
- Lunesta 3mg x1.

Personal Progress / Setbacks:
+Quit smoking for 6 mos. No longer feel urges. Yay!
+Got girlfriend.
+Got excellent performance review instead of mediocre.
+Less depression
-Gained weight after quitting smoking
-Girlfriend thing is in the air (I've been very careful what I say - she doesn't know it yet)

Need to accomplish:
-Start doing back exercises for back problem
-Start exercising daily
-Do SOMETHING to start getting a healthy diet
-Control emotional outbursts as I could ruin the relationship in a bad moment.
-Extremely uncomfortable with current dependency on sleep meds (xanax, lunesta, melatonin)
-Want to get off meds eventually, after I accomplish other goals.