View Full Version : Daughters Blood Sugar Low and Kidney Function off?

03-22-10, 11:49 AM
My 13 yo daughter has been on ADD meds for about 5/6 years. Currently she is on Welbutrin and Concerta 36mg. We have never had any negative Lab Work come back, but with our visit last week I received a call that we need to come back. The Nurse said her labs were "off" - her blood sugar was low and her kidney function was not within the level's. Our doc. does blood work every 2 or 3 months and this is a first. I need to call back to set up the appointment, but I wanted some insight before I made the call. :confused:

Has this been an issue to anyone here before? Should I be concerned? I was really shocked, my "baby" has never had any bad blood work.

Thank you!

03-22-10, 05:09 PM
I was on Welbutrin as a last resort in the list of drugs I tried to help me manage my ADHD. All it did was take away my appetite and cause me to loose 20 lbs (I am a little person and shouldn't loose that kind of weight). After that I gave up on drugs. Ritalin and just about anything I take makes me too tired, too sick or takes away my desire for food. I've found a good diet and lots of exercise work wonders as well as use up all my excess energy. I still tend to self medicate with caffee though as a friend pointed out to me not too long ago. At least with caffine though I can still work and feel like a normal person and not a zombie or devoid of emotion. Just my two cents.