View Full Version : Does this sound right? re Vyvanse dosage

03-22-10, 04:55 PM
So My 8YO son just started on meds for the first time ever. His pediatrician started him on 20 mg Saturday, but I called her today (after just 3 days) to say I am not noticing much if any difference at all. He was maybe a tiny bit more focused and directable, but not by much. And by afternoon he was climbing walls again and more hyper than ever.

When she called back she initially said she wanted us to go up to 30 mg and to come get a new prescription (but to keep the 20s in case we need to go to 40, so as not to waste them). But when I asked if I could just open up a second one and estimate half she rethought and told me to just go to 40 starting tomorrow. She said she "thinks that is where he will need to be anyway."

I am all for getting to the right dose quickly, but will that doubling (without doing the 30) make it harder for him tomorrow? The only effect he had on Saturday was a mild stomachache for about an hour in the afternoon and not wanting to eat much lunch. He wasn't hungry for lunch yesterday either but ate normally today. So the 20 doesn't seem to be affecting him at all right now, really (positive or negative).

Any thoughts?

03-22-10, 05:04 PM
Although I am no longer on Vyvanse my doc did the same thing. I started at 20 and when that did not help I went to 40...That being said..I an 4'11 and 120 pounds...and an adult. I did notice a vast improvement from the 20 to the 40 but in the end the crash was just too much for me to deal with.

i hope you find the right dose for your son :) Good luck!

03-22-10, 06:22 PM
It is kind of a big jump, but if 20 hardly did anything, 40 would not be unheard of.

03-22-10, 10:12 PM
Everyone is unique and there are widely varying responses to meds. Our experience with my now 12 yo is that it is best to start low and go up slowly. We started out on too high a dose of a med and it caused some distressing problems that could have been avoided, leading to a switch to a med that was not good for him at all, then back to a stimulant trial again at a much lower dose--one year and lots of anxiety later.

This past week we decided to try Vyvanse after over a year on adderall XR (which was working pretty well most of the time). In Canada, Vyvanse just became available last month. The lowest dose available is 30 mg (go figure!) but my 120 pound 5 foot 6 or so son is only taking half of that and doing very very well. We open the capsule and mix with water, and he takes half...I'm careful measuring the amounts.

You can't go wrong with some patience.