View Full Version : how does a psychiatrist help figure out meds? how do i best track effects?

03-24-10, 09:19 PM
ok, i'm posting all over the place here lately.

a few years ago, i started this path of fixing my head.

you can check out my older posts for some info.

when i first started adderall, i was on put on lexapro as well. this ended up not working well. the adderall by itself worked well for awhile. due to various reasons, i didn't take meds for another year or so, after only a few months of being on this stuff.

then i saw a real psychiatrist and a therapist with my new insurance. they thought i just needed help getting restful sleep and with depression and anxiety. i was on every sleep aid there was, to the point that my pdoc had to talk to my ins co and show them his notes for me to get approval for some extra super wacky sleep aid, Resteron or something.

anyways, ambien, lunesta, etc, they only worked for a week or so, and even then, i felt like hell taking them. it was not a restful sleep and i had crazier dreams than i normally did.

i changed jobs and lost my spot with the pdoc when i couldnt see him for a few months. this about a year of trying different sleep aids and anti anxiety meds, including lexapro and paxil and sometihng else, i can't remember now.

they all made me just out of it, not foggy or zombie, but just like i wasn't even really here, like i was in a dream.

my therapist and i both came to the conclusion that i have ADHD-I and my new GP agreed and i started adderall xr. worked for awhile (see other posts), then i started having anxiety. they started me on zoloft and that just made everything awful. it would variously speed me up and slow me down and i couldn't sleep more than 4 hours at a time.

so now i'm on vyvanase and zoloft. and i'm still not feeling the normalness i had for a few weeks in the beginning of adderall.

i try to keep a little notebook of what i feel like and what times i take the meds and the effects. but there are so many variables (sleep, weather, food, everyday stuff like traffic or just good or bad stuff with work/friends/family), that it's hard to know what causes what.

i have a hard time following the dosage instructions because my dr doesn't even seem to know what will work. the vyvanse at 30 mg is so not enough, but two of those in one day is too much. but one vyvanase and 10 or 15 mg of adderall IR in the afternoon and early evening is fine, at least for one day or two.

i'm so afraid that if i don't take meds, i'm going to end up just totally crashing and burning at work AGAIN. vyvanase makes me sleepy if i don't take Adderall IR with it.

and now i just feel like i've taken nothing at all. i'd say i was manic except that i'm not feeling like super happy i can do anything let's spend credit cards. i just want my mind to shut up.

how can a psychiatrist help? the last one just seemed like he was doing the same thing my current dr is doing - trying whatever they throw a dart at or whatever i happen to say i've read about.

i am just going to stop now, because i will just keep going for ever.