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03-28-10, 07:20 AM
I started a website ( of a long time My Space page (remember those?) that featured my ramblings about music and concerts I attended. I did have all the concerts I could remember listed but pressed delete. The page is still operating, but more as an artist/band page to promote LIVE music. The iamnotjerry came from a tag I received @ Wanee in 2006 from many comfortably numb people. They would say, "Jerry you are alive!" Thus the name. I work on the site daily and it is always changing(now I know why). I have been fortunate to make contacts with some music promoters/managers who in turn connected me with artists. I am doing email interviews and trying my hand @ concert photography. Not to go evangelical...but my experiences here have been life changing and I would be honored If you decided to register on the site. You may PM here or via email to let me know that you joined. I am not advertising my ADHD, even though those that know me...can tell -jorge :cool:
Long live Vinyl and LIVE MUSIC~

09-11-10, 07:29 PM
Since the above post I nearly lost it all but was able to keep it together.
During the ordeal I worked with a web designer (which was trying @ times) and updated my site ( I feel I have moved to the next level.

09-12-10, 02:22 PM
Cool site.