View Full Version : More Spring from Bartlett Lake, AZ

03-28-10, 07:23 PM
Bartlett Lake is the only place I could find with such prolific wildflowers as far as the eye could see. :) I love Arizona, it's one of the few places an annoying cholla and dead cactus spine make for neato backdrops and props.

This one cracked me up, a bee flew right onto my focus flower just as I snapped!

03-28-10, 07:25 PM
Very Vibrant and I feel I am there :)

Thank you FrazzleDazzle..Again, what a wonderful eye you have! *Salute*



03-28-10, 07:40 PM
Bee-utiful photos! I love this time of year in the desert,and I'm missing it. I love those cholla skeletons as well. I've drug many a one of them home..and polished them up...after spraying them good to get rid of any spiders!!

ADDr68 is so right..the colors are VIBRANT! Your photos look like they belong in Arizona Highways!