View Full Version : De-clutter for april 1.........and a happy april fools day to you all........

04-01-10, 12:42 AM
:D Don't forget to fool your loved ones today !!!

It is 12:32 PM in Michigan, and the new day is here.........If you'll forgive somenone who just read all these de-clutter threads, I'll be glad to start this day off...............

........The very first thing I have to do is get car insurance and then register my car so that the sticker will be in California when I get home's only overdue since last July :eek:.........but I been here since Oct :o

........And Janet's brother, sister and their spouses are coming here for Easter dinner........AND I am still finishing up the details on the new bathroom ..........just got to finish the caulking on the side and top of the sink.......then paint it to blend with the wall..............Her neighbor Don, still has to put the floor, ceiling, and around the cabinet trim on ....I have finished painting and clear finishing all of it !

........and I painted the under the sink area in the kitchen, ( and did some serious caulking........) and the back of the doors, just need to put the new racks on them and screw them back on.......

........Then it's time to gather up the vast array of tools and supplies that I have scattered in three rooms........

..................If I get all that done, I will call it a good day.........

Oh and thanks for all the good ideas about how to go about de-cluttering !!....there are some real gems in those threads !

04-01-10, 01:00 AM
Will be a loooooooooooooooooong day tomorrow... :o

Get up and get ready for work
Work, work, work
After work, go and shop for b-day presents for best friends
Open House in the evening where parents and students visit the classroom
Co-ed rec softball game at 9:00pm (late games are hard!)
Take out the trash b/c Friday is trash day

04-01-10, 07:40 AM

It's 6:40am at my house right now. I was going to get up at 5:30. After being up and down all night with a little one that was having trouble sleeping well... I hit snooze! DH came home and was actually in a pretty good mood.

As for today: For sure the basics... dishes, toys, etc.. I also have to run by the grocery store. Those places are evil. I make a list based on the ad, then get there and see things on sale that were not in the ad and by the time I leave I've got too much stuff! OR I see 10 things I forgot to put on the list, OR I actually forget things that ARE on the list! lol I'll work it out. As for other things.... I have 2 laundry baskets full of STUFF in the entry, a full sized playpen full of STUFF in the living room, and the hallway has 2 or 3 loads of dirty laundry piled up. I'd like to take care of the laundry and at least one of the hot spots I mentioned. Have a FANTASTIC DAY!

04-01-10, 10:16 AM
Good morning everyone! Having trouble focusing today. Watching the news seeing the devastation from flooding. RI has the 3rd highest unemployment and now 2 major malls and scores of businesses are destroyed. Not good.

Of course- I did just hear on TV that Rhode Islanders don't have to file taxes until May. I guess that's the silver lining in all of this... more time to procrastinate.

I was starting to feel a little cocky about my decluttering abilities until I realized at 1 a.m. that I am leaving next week and a dog sitter will be staying here. If you can hear a woman screaming wherever you are- it's just me.

I'm too tired to think right now. I'll go eat and hopefully wake up.

04-01-10, 11:36 AM
Well, it's 10:30. DH just went to get feed for the animals (pigs, chickens, ducks, guineas, & geese anyway) I got one kid off to school earlier and one just went down for a nap (ah but will he actually sleep?) Oh, good news... well good for me anyway... my husband told me earlier today that the house looked pretty good, a lot better than he expected it to look! :D Anyway, so far I've gotten a bit done (dishes, swept kitchen, wiped down counters, & started a load of laundry) but there is still plenty to do. The first thing on the list is to go outside (with baby monitor in hand) and clean out my car (once I know for sure the little one is sleeping that is). When my hubby gets home from getting feed, he's taking my car into town to get a tire fixed (slow leak) and I'd rather not hear about what a mess it is.

SUZ57: Remember, don't focus on the mess as a whole, but instead attack it in small segments. You might not get it all done but it will be better than it is now. :)

04-01-10, 12:28 PM
Hi y'all! home from the dentist! don't know exactly how much I will get done today with my husband home! Why must it be so difficult to get anything done with him home???

He noticed I had made some progress yesterday!

04-01-10, 04:22 PM
Good afternoon everyone! Hope you have had good, productive days so far. I'm heading out of work now (another early day for me!) and am going to the bank for a dang stamp to mail the stupid credit card bill which I will never have to see again, the grocery for eggs, the pharmacy, and I'm going to call the dang insurance company. THEN I'm going home to deal with the cesspool that is my kitchen sink...cleaned out the fridge (good) but left all the formerly mold-filled dishes soaking there...for 3 days (bad.) Also need to sort through the enormous mail pile. Having people over tonight for egg decorating. Just a few close friends/my brother, so it doesn't have to be perfect!

Have a good day! :)

04-01-10, 04:28 PM
Clutter is such a huge problem. I sometimes wish I'd picked OCD for a hangup. LOL. No, I don't. Actually ADD is one of the better ones and teaches so much.

I think men just don't feel responsible for the state of the house. That's "her" problem. Nobody looks at them fishy-eyed when the house is a mess.

Going on strike has been suggested but it is hard to keep up for long. Personally, I "work to rule" but the only result is the house is a mess. Oh yes, I do have lots of free time so that's good!

04-01-10, 06:22 PM
It seems to me that systems are the key to life. When Og and Mog set up housekeeping their first cave was such a disaster that they soon moved out and a bear moved in because nobody else wanted the place. The second cave was going in the same direction until Mog told Og (rather sharply) to leave the animal carasses (carcassi?) outside so blood and guts didn't get tracked and mistaken for baby toys. This helped quite a lot

The process of organizing our lives goes to this day. Unfortunately, we've forgotten what Mog knew innately: to simplify. Sure, she and Og saw that article in Cave Beautiful and tried to paint stick figures on the walls. But they soon got bored and went back to hunting (aka out with the guys) and gathering (now known as shopping and lunch with the girls). These were their natural inclination anyway and made a nice change from taking long naps while the kids played outside.

I read somewhere that so-called "primitive" people work about four hours a day, on average. On the other hand, our grandparents said, "Man may work from sun to sun but woman's work is never done". Modern day Mogs have jobs, expect their kids to survive childhood and get into good colleges, feel obliged to volunteer and spend time at the gym and work, of course, work on that M.A. All before we are 30 when Og and Mog had already grown old and died.

I don't think we should be so hard on ourselves. It's a different world and its demands are mostly artificial.

04-01-10, 07:43 PM
April 1st- I guess the joke was on me. Got absolutely nothing done today. Woke up, ate, felt exhausted and went back to sleep. Woke up at 2:30, and was off to volunteer at a shelter for abused kids. Took my son out to dinner and I'm ready to dive into a big piece of cake and watch mindless TV.

Hope everyone else had a more productive day- see you tomorrow.