View Full Version : Dyslexia and ADD

04-01-10, 04:11 PM
Are you more likely to have one if you have the other? I have read some places that if you have Dyslexia you are more likely to have ADD or ADD PI than if you don't have Dyslexia. Is that true?

04-29-10, 12:00 PM
From what I can gather, ADHD Inattentive is more closely associated with central auditory processing disorder (CAPD) and mild dyspraxia than Dyslexia (there are exceptions). I believe that Dyslexia is completely separate from ADHD Inattentive (generalization/simplification - oversimplification)(there are exceptions). I believe that Dyslexia is associated with dyspraxia (there are exceptions). People are different. Also, while a lot of professionals talk Dyslexia or ADHD Inattentive or dyspraxia, everything actually flows from the idea of invisible/almost invisible Cerebral Palsy from ~ birth. The Cerebral Palsy may involve both sides of the body or only one side. Cerebral Palsy can be invisible/almost invisible, mild, moderate, or severe; hemiplegia (paralysis); hemiparesis (weakness). Cerebral Palsy is another term for brain injury (simplified/oversimplified). Much of Dyslexia or ADHD Inattentive or dyspraxia is really a form of invisible/almost invisible brain injury of some sort to 1 neuron (or more) or a part of 1 neuron (or more).(Simplified/oversimplified). When the dyspraxia is severe, it is called apraxia. Also, there is the whole area of the invisible/almost invisible epilepsies (such as petit mal/absence/complex partial) which can be part of the picture for some persons. Venn diagrams can sometimes help clarify what is going on a little. Good luck.