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04-02-10, 04:49 PM
I'd be interested to hear about people's experiences with various approaches to work organization *once* they have their meds working (i.e. not as an alternative to meds).

Over the years (pre diagnosis and pre-meds) I have tried umpteen "time management" systems, both software and paper-based. I even invented my own. None worked, quite possibly because I never stuck to them. And my current feeling is that *that* -- the inability to stick to things -- is what causes me problems, not lack of the right system. If systems only work if you stick to them and not-sticking is a core issue, then no system will work until that core issue is fixed.

Of course one corollary is, maybe once that core issue is fixed, pretty much any reasonable system will work! But maybe not. For example, I have a completely groundless suspicion that maybe a paper-based system could have advantages for the ADDer, versus a software system, because a paper-based system forces you to slow down, and imposes limits on the amount of information being thrown at you. But as I say, I've no evidence for that (pre-meds paper was no worse but no better than software).

So, what do people use to organize their lives, once the core brain problem is being managed using meds? Does the system now work where it didn't before?

04-02-10, 10:08 PM
Ugh. Paper was OK when it was just me. When I started having to keep track of additional schedules for kids, husband, pets, volunteer hours, medical appointments, appliance and auto purchases and repairs. . .

I used a Palm for a long time. Then they came out with PDA/phone combinations. I went through a bunch of them. The biggest problem was the multiple schedules - otherwise, the Blackberry worked really well. Now I have a Droid, and I have my Google calendars set up in different colors. When I look at my calendar on the Droid, it's all color coded, and I can search if I need to find out who's due to see the doctor or the dentist or the vet.

My notes and to-dos, though, are still on paper. If they go somewhere on my PDA, I have to deliberately open up the app and look at them. The app icon is not a compelling reminder. A notebook with everything right there that I have to write reminders on and cross them off when they're done is somehow a better motivator.

Song of Mercy
04-02-10, 10:53 PM
I really like the Franklin Covey planning system. I use the online plan plus as well as a binder. I do all my real thinking on my online planner because editing is very easy. However, I just did not do well without a carry along brain. The system is easy to learn and really does the job. If you will but check your planner each morning you will get where you are supposed to be.


04-03-10, 05:48 PM
I have the Droid and use google calendar. Couldn't do paper and pencil (tried franklin covey) due to fine motor difficulties

04-03-10, 05:59 PM
1. outlook (you can set different reminder timers for each item, access it with iphone *and* there's color coding--i really need color coding).

2. fun-looking 5"X8" paper planner with a spiral that holds a large two-tip, felt-tip pen (i am not a fan of typing on any sort of phone, so i need some way of recording things out and about; i mention the size/spiral as i need something that won't get lost because too small, but isn't too cumbersome either, and there's nothing more frustrating than having a planner without having a pen).

04-04-10, 07:04 PM
Post-Its, stuck to my home or work computer.

Anything else is too tedious to maintain (regardless of whether on meds or not). In addition, I have this fundamental belief that if my life is so busy I can't keep track of it without a zillion megabytes of electronic memory, that probably means my life is TOO busy, and I should just forget most of it anyway.

04-05-10, 04:34 PM
I'm always writing on my arm, notebook, planner, computer. Hardly ever review anything the next day. I'm gonna try sticky notes right now and put em everwhere for when I need to see them, sounds fun. I'll walk in a room and be like, oh yeah, gotta do that. Btw tape recorder works well too, if you're driving or something. That's when my ideas are the best.

04-05-10, 04:57 PM
iPhone helps to an extent- if someone says "we are doing this on the 23rd" I will put reminders for 1 day before and 1 hour before. That's usually enough to make sure I am prepared.

To remind myself what I need to sort out, writing on my hand/arm is the only thing that works. Even then, I find Im writing the same thing day after day.

04-05-10, 04:57 PM
I also use a Franklin Covey and also write constantly on my arms and hands - I am often asked if I got a tattoo! haha. I have been thinking of buying a smart phone and was wondering how many people find it a good tool vs. just another distraction. A paper planner just doesn't seem to do it for me.

04-05-10, 06:06 PM
HTC hero person here. If you work on your computer often and have your phone on you often it works well. For me its much like wearracc. Someone has to tell me on friday the 23rd at 5.00pm we will be meeting at this location.

What I have been working on with my counselor is making a to-do list. i had one last week but I've lost it now. I'll let you know what it says if I find it. Today I have been trying to remember what was on it and tackle those issues.

04-05-10, 06:21 PM
I used to use the Blackberry Pearl. The problem w/the Blackberry is it doesn't integrate seamlessly w/Google calendars (which i use a lot!). As such, many times my calendar would get screwed up, i'd spend time fixing it (tears of frustration :p) it would work, then break, then i'd fix - well, you get the point.

So, i decided on an Android phone (the Eris) as it integrates seamlessly w/all google apps (naturally).

I used the integrated calendar for my calender.

i use astrid (free - 3rd party app) for my "to do" list

i use Upvise (free - 3rd party app) for my "shopping" list

i use "GDocs Notepad (free - 3rd party app) for my random notes (this syncs w/Google docs!)

All of this added organization kinda makes it worth when the phone mercilessly dials people w/o me intending to do so - ugh - bad phone, bad bad BAD phone! :cool:

04-05-10, 06:49 PM
I use Google Calendar on my PC, which alerts me on my PC 's and my Blackberry.
It is easy and effective.

I have also gone back to paper, via a weekly spiral calendar that is the basis for longer range planning. I have monthly desk calendars on my home and work desks.

I know they (Franklin) teach you not to double up your planning, but for me this works far better than anything I have tried. - jorge:cool:

04-06-10, 09:01 PM
Lost mine.





04-06-10, 09:22 PM
Which planner do you use?

Wife—the only planner I can't misplace.


04-07-10, 04:54 AM
I've gone through so many systems/devices/what have yous, but haven't found the panacea yet.

The closest I've come is a triad of the iPhone, running "Remember The Milk," integrated with "Dial2Do."

I can enter todos and appointments either directly into RTM or via voice by calling Dial2Do. I have a hotline phone beside my bed where if I pick up line 2 it autodials Dial2Do for those middle-of-the-night reminders.

All of this would probably work a whole lot better if I didn't tend to leave my iPhone in yesterday's pants in the laundry hamper until the battery wears down. :(

04-07-10, 04:58 AM
Post-Its, stuck to my home or work computer.

Anything else is too tedious to maintain (regardless of whether on meds or not). In addition, I have this fundamental belief that if my life is so busy I can't keep track of it without a zillion megabytes of electronic memory, that probably means my life is TOO busy, and I should just forget most of it anyway.A software company I went to work for back in the 80s used to use post-its to track all their bug reports. The cleaning lady there should have won programmer of the month repeatedly because every time she came in to dust, she eliminated 20% of the reported bugs.

11-25-10, 04:50 PM
I never found a pre-made planner that worked for me, so I do my own thing (it's the only thing I'm good at!) ;)

For my planner, I bought a 5 by 8 three ring binder and I buy planner refill pages for those sections I want/need. I can combine different brands if I want to, and I never have sections I don't use. I write down all appointments here and enter them on my Google calendar so I will get a text message reminding me that I have somewhere to be.

I use 3X5 cards for my at-home to-do lists. I use Outlook at work for my to-do list along with my iPhone alarms for puching in/out for lunch, out for the day (yes, I will actually forget to go home :eek:), and meetings.

If I have something I need to not forget to do I'll set the iPhone alarm for it so I don't have to worry I'll forget to look at the planner or notecards.