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04-04-10, 08:13 AM
With a few interviews of professionals and support group members. It's always fascinating to me to actually see footage of other ADHD adults, in particular the fidgety ones. However common it supposedly is I don't think I've ever met one. God I wish there was a support group around here. I'm almost done trying to sit effing still for ungrateful effing NTs. :mad:

Post-outburst edit: Being fair, only one is actually being unreasonable but I'm stuck in a house with her and it's pushing on my last nerve as you can see...! :rolleyes:

ADHD - Myth or Reality (

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04-04-10, 10:07 AM
Is it still a problem to get an adult AD/HD referral in the UK?

04-04-10, 01:57 PM
It can be, the whole process of diagnosis and treatment can be difficult depending on how your doctors react, whether your local primary care trust approves funding for you to see a specialist, whether you can afford to go private and how long it takes for you to move down the waiting list once you're on it. There are only three (I think) adult ADHD clinics run by the NHS in the UK and no one else in the NHS is considered qualified to diagnose and treat it, so people sometimes wait a few years.

However the biggest barrier for most adults here is that they've never heard of ADHD or don't realise that what they have are symptoms of it, and very few professionals in education or therapy are going to think of it either. That's why the number of adults in treatment is so low and why raising awareness is still very much the first step for us. Studies suggest that there aren't nearly enough resources in place to treat the real number who'd benefit from them at the moment, but the government can get away with that while demand for the services is so low. People are self-medicating or being treated for other conditions instead, or falling through the cracks of society entirely and don't know what they really need.

If you read some other threads in this subsection you'll get a broad view of the hoops people often have to jump through once they suspect it, though.

04-06-10, 06:37 AM
Things are slowly improving here in the UK, and more doctors are being trained to assess for adhd and the list of specialists is growing, although as roseblood says, funding is scarce. Here's a list of specialists in the UK (there is also a new Scottish clinic in Edinburgh which is not yet on the list)

Currently there's an interesting debate ongoing in the British Medical Journal