View Full Version : Is Xanax XR covered under Medicaid?

04-04-10, 05:17 PM
I'd like to know because when I was in the hospital we did a trial of Xanax and I did ok on it but as with the Ativan I'd have to take it multiple times a day. I know there is a Xanax XR but I don't know if insurance would cover it. What I'd like to know is would Medicaid cover Xanax XR (unknown dose)?

04-04-10, 07:09 PM
i was looking around for you and found this

04-04-10, 07:19 PM
Thank you for the link. It helps a little bit. It seems to be (I hope I'm not mis-reading) I may need a prior authorization from my pdoc which I don't have a problem getting...