View Full Version : I don't know how I feel when I'm not depressed

04-04-10, 10:43 PM
I'm not sure this post goes here but I couldn't think of a better place for it.
Also, I'm bipolar II.

I've got my usual appt with my p-doc tomorrow. He always asks me "how are you doing". I usually say "ok", "not too bad", "a few down days", etc. After meeting with him a little over a year, he has made it clear that being depressed is not good.

I do know when I'm down, depressed or near depressed. I'm quiet, tired, overwhelmed, feelings of hopelessness regarding the things that have me down. Also grumpy or maybe even angry. I want to be left alone. But, I'm not overcome with sadness and stare at the walls like in the cymbalta commercials.

Sure I have some days that are better than others. When I'm hypermanic, it's the opposite of depression, I have energy, am talkative. But I wouldn't say that I enjoy life more when I'm up.

Other than depression, I just really don't know how I feel. I guess I'll just give my p-doc the usual "I'm doing ok" because I do not know how else to describe how I'm feeling.

Maybe I need help recognizing my feelings?

04-04-10, 10:50 PM
Greg, tell your doc what you just told us. Ask him/her.

I am not sure whether my doc thinks I'm BPII or AD/HD (I'm on Strattera) but I am quite aware of not being depressed anymore. I have more energy. I get more done. Little things don't overwhelm me. My apartment is beginning to have clear floors! Stuff like that.

Best of luck tomorrow.