View Full Version : how does focalin differ from ritalin?

04-05-10, 02:43 PM
I am currently taking ritalin,but having problems. If i take 3 10mg ir" a day,they just dont last long enough for all day coverage. I tried ritalin la 20mg in the mornings,and ritalin 10mg ir in the afternoon,but i can feel when the la isnt working,i get really nervous.tomarrow i have to se my doc, and was wondering about focalin.i heard dose per dose it is stronger,but does it work the same as ritalin? Are the effects similiar? Is there anyone on here who was taking ritalin,and now takes focalin? Is it worth trying? I liked the ritalin because although it tends to make me more nervous than usuall,it seems to give me energy,and get me going.when i was taking adderall,i felt like i was sedated all day,then i would feel awake and great in the evenings,so it was backwards for me. Any advice on focalin??

04-05-10, 02:54 PM
I know exactly what you mean

Focalin is a ritalin type stimulant. its ritalin minus levo isomer. l-isomer is responsible mostly for ritalin side effects. nervous.....

Focalin is much more smooth, euphoric, last longer and gives more focus. less energy (kick) than ritalin though.

Go for Focalin brand IR.

focalin dose is half of Ritalin

5 mg focalin = 10 mg ritalin

focalin IR brand is always on backorder from novartis when I used to take it. sometimes two weeks.