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04-06-10, 07:54 AM

I like this thread but didn't want to get in the habit of starting it every morning. So, I was waiting to see if anybody else would. In the absence of any other starters, I guess it will be me! LOL I am a bit of an early bird anyway (just for the record though... ANYBODY can start one of these and great thanks to LUVMYROTTS for setting the idea in motion in the first place!)

I don't have HUGE plans for the day or anything but there is plenty to do around here. My hubby was home for 5 days and I didn't get much done. Today I would like to :

Do dishes
Mail taxes
balance checking account
tidy the living room
work on the laundry some
pay some other bills
work on putting away the stuff that's in the playpen

What are your plans today? I hope you have a gloriously productive day! (=

04-06-10, 08:24 AM
I started to start the thread a few times yesterday and got sidetracked...imagine that! Thanks for starting it today.

I need to do at least a load of laundry today before yoga. Also need to pay an old dentist's bill. Is anybody else really bad at paying bills besides me? My dentist is right by the school I work at, so I may run it to them during my lunch break.

Hope everyone has a great day!

04-06-10, 08:56 AM
Why only women? I have as much or more clutter than anyone this side of "Hoarders" and I'm not a woman.

Anyway, that's a good list, and I've found that I have a better chance of success if I write down a brief list of things I wish to accomplish that day as I have breakfast.

My list for today

• Write an invoice I've been putting off
• Write a letter I've been putting off
• Take Photographs of items I wish to sell
• Prepare for a business meeting Thursday (been putting that off too)

In fact I've been putting all of that off and spending way too much time here!

Anyway, have fun with your lists ladies, and if gents become allowable, I may return!

OH and BTW, I always come to the ADDF and click on NEW POSTS which takes me into all the various Forums like this one. But it actually has been doing me good just to SEE the "Daily De-Clutter Thread" come up every morning, so thank you for that! :)

04-06-10, 09:12 AM, I have to keep at getting the watches ready to travel.......yesterday I cleared the big table and put all the box tops with the various different groups of watches in each ( I love to use those low sided beer boxes, or the lids to file boxes to keep stuff in, too shallow to get stuff lost in the bottom of the box ) .............

......and got almost all the quartz men's watches running, put the more complex ones off to the side, can do those at I tackle the ladies watches, a couple of weeks ago, I couldn't find the 377 batteries I had sent for, so took them out of a bunch of ladies watches, need to replace them, ( found the batteries cleaning up for Easter !)

.......Then they need to be sorted to be mailed or the high end ones go with me in my carry on......those are all mechanical, and I prefer not to send them in the mail........even heavily insured, they take more of a beating than if I have them with me on the plane..........they are heavy though!!!!...........

.......Then I gotta call and get auto insurance, so I can register my car, been putting that off for weeks downfall is dealing with red tape.........first off, I hate it big time, and then second, it almost never goes smoothly, .........if I could just do it, and it gets done, fine, ........

......but it always is a big giant hassle, I don't have the right paperwork, or something else throws the proverbial monkeywrench in the works.........

.......I have to get this done, and if I manage it, I will be much lighter in mood.....:o

04-06-10, 10:47 AM
Hi everyone-

Krys- thanks for starting it. I was afraid people had decided to end it. I'm so glad you're an early riser.

Bones- I am horrible at paying bills or any other kind of paperwork. I'll go weeks without opening my mail. Needless to say- causes lots of problems...

Meridian- Of course you can be a part of this. Some other guy asked the same thing and was immediately welcomed. Clutter and disorganization is not gender specific!

Stuck a bunny in the Christmas wreath hanging over my fireplace- that pretty much says it all...:)

I am flying to Madison, WI to help my son find an apt. So- I won't be cleaning this week but I'll be thinking of all of you. Even if you only complete one of your tasks each day- you're accomplishing something and should be proud.

04-06-10, 05:02 PM
I got about 1/2 the stuff I listed done (taxes mailed, bills paid, playpen cleaned out, checking balanced) Now to work on the laundry and at least part of the dishes. I also have a stack on papers on the table that I need to sort. Fun stuff:rolleyes:

demfabbones: I'm not the greatest at bill paying either so I made a financial calendar. Basically I printed off a blank calendar, Then I wrote each bill & the amount due on the appropriate date & hung it in a spot that I see multiple times a day. Then I shaded each pay period a different color starting (yay crayons).Not only is it clearly visible, and has what we owe but, because of the color coding, it also shows me which check each bill comes out of. Works really well and helps me keep track of our finances better.

meridian: Feel free to join in, woman or not. This just happened to be where the first post was started so this is where it has stayed. Glad it is inspirational. How's that list coming? :cool:

salleh: I miss seeing your color! I use the flat boxes that canned goods are stacked in for paper sorting. I actually painted some black and wrote things like "file" & "act" on them so that they looked nice and I could tell at a glance what their contents were. How did that insurance call go?? :)

Suz57: You might have started a new trend "Christmas Bunny" or "Bunny Claus" :D Have a safe and enjoyable trip.