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XR,SR stoneyend
04-06-10, 11:08 AM
I was on a lot of Xanax. 8mg+/12hrly
The dose was upped and upped, as I became tolerant to it.

Then they started getting all excited about possible dependency, at a check up appointment. So they put me on a mood stabilizer and cut my doses of xanax from 2mg tablets to 0.25 tablets. and to only take 4 in a 24 period.

I was fine for 3-4 days then bam bam suddenly!!
SICK, Vomitting, shivers, panic, completely freaking out, flu like symptoms, high volume diarrhea.
Was very very messy
The feeling of constant impending doom.
I have never sweat so much in my entire life.

Thinking back I really should of attributed it to not taking as much xanax, but as it happend so many days after, - well I dont know what I thought.
I guess I must of been thinking withdrawl, but I dont really have a big memory of it.

I wasn't quite with it.

I only had 0.25mg tablets that were issued- there just wasnt enough of them to take me out of withdrawl once it started. The whole remaining script was swallowed within about 3hrs but it didnt take the symptoms away

and I experienced about 2 days of un-imaginable horrific pain and flu like symptoms.

Its one thing having a tolerance to a benzo, I can see it can get bad if you develop a dependency. But how do you know you are dependent until you dont have access to your med?

Withdrawing from Xanax was the most horrifying event in my entire life.

I just hope others are on maxed out doses of benzos.

Im now restricted to 1mg klonopin in the morning and 0.5mg at night. Which seems to sort me out.

Ive learnt to deal with my anxious sides with breathing techniques.

Im now bloody cautious to make sure I dont ever get on high doses of benzos EVER again.

In one way if they had left me on my xanax doses as they were. I wouldnt of had a withdrawl. But now Ive gone through it, Im glad it was tackled sooner rather than later.

I think there could of been a more controlled way of reduction though.
But maybe I needed to crash, so Id get over it quicker? than a long drawn out process.

I have to say that Im a bit more edgy without my xanax. But Im actually physically smiling these days, rather than just using smilies on my computer. I think im meant to be edgy and loopy. I think it makes me, me.

Happy belated Easter, people.

Im sorry if this is a ramble and doesnt make sense.
It makes sense to me. So I hope, you can get some idea what Im trying to say.

I feel a bit more like the old me, when I had no worries.
Maybe not as socially acceptable but hey, its about happiness.

Xanax made me a person I wasnt meant to be.

I have no need for Ambien at night also, 0.5mg klonopin is enough to chill me enough to let me go to sleep if I want to.

Someone said to me that ambien gave your withdrawls. It hasnt with me

XR,SR Stoneyend

04-06-10, 01:03 PM
I was taking only 1-2 mg per night, but my doctor was sensible and told me to reduce my dose by .25 mg per week. The more you take, the longer the tapering off will be, but if you go faster, you run the risk of just what happened to you.

I worked my way down to .25 mg per day, and lasted 5 days. It was awful. I'm back on it, but I have .5 mg tabs, and I take .5-1 mg per day, splitting the pills as needed. It helps my anxiety so I can sleep, but it makes my sleep a lot less restful. Still, it beats the alternative.

04-18-10, 05:32 AM
I was on a lot of Xanax. 8mg+/12hrly
The dose was upped and upped, as I became tolerant to it.

Then they started getting all excited about possible dependency, at a check up appointment. So they put me on a mood stabilizer and cut my doses of xanax from 2mg tablets to 0.25 tablets. and to only take 4 in a 24 period.

Uhh, how did you get on that high of a dose? Did a doc keep prescribing you more? Once you hit 5 mg a day and it's not working, it's probably not a good idea to keep climbing the benzo ladder.

Whoever cut your xanax by that much was unfortunately a complete idiot. To avoid major withdrawal, doses should be cut by no more than .25mg per week.

It amazes me how people, either the users of the meds or the prescribers, know so little about benzos and experiences like this happen as a result of that lack of knowledge. Then, of course, benzos get a bad name because they were improperly used or discontinued in the worst way possible.

05-17-10, 09:37 AM
That's what I'm worried about with my Xanax use... only been taking them for about a month and a half, averaging about 4 times a week... 1-2mg (at night for sleep)... but I went through clonazepam withdrawal before and I'm not ready to face that demon again, so starting today I'm not taking them for sleep, as a matter of fact I was thinking of flushing them down the toilet so the temptation won't be there, lol. The bottle has a refill on it anyway.

05-17-10, 02:27 PM
I've experienced benzo withdrawal & it is EVIL.
I was at about 6mg Xanax/day. My doctor wanted to try a different med. To make a long story short, I misunderstood the symptoms I having & thought I should take less of the new med (in reality I needed more).

I ended up in the ER 36 hours later b/c my symptoms were so bad (dizzy, flu-like symptoms, panic, chest pains). I just wanted to turn back time before we tried the other med. I'm sure the first doc thought I just wanted a prescription & really didn't listen. They called in a psych who sat down, listened quietly, & when I said I just wanted to get back on the Xanax, he agreed. Told me to take one right then & there.

Within 30 minutes, I was completely back to normal.
I think you just always need to be aware of what the meds can do. It's easy to get used to one...

07-21-10, 12:02 AM
im glad everyone is ok now! scaring me, as benzo withdrawl of over 16 mg's of Xanax can cause DEATH! wowowowo, first off all you dont taper off xanax with xanax.. you switch to Phenobarbitual or Valium. Those two have 5-10 times the halflife of xanax and are known to be used to taper off benzos properly, safely, and mostly symptom free as when you stabilize from the half life you can start tapering down and off.

Next time ask your doctor, as this really can kill you by seizure (Benzodiazepines like xanax-klonopin-ativan, Barbituates like fioriciet,phenobarb + Alcohol withdrawl symptoms can) But barbitute is kinda like one uses or prescribes it anymore due to the "New" Drugs but its actually good for benzo withdrawl - and good for calming down dogs :) thats about it. Phenobarb is less common but has a even longer halflife than Valium so its the best to taper IMO, But you wont get much anxiety relief as Valium(due to it being a barbituate and not a true Benzo- but covers withdrawl)

Valium method is the perferred method as it still provides the Anxiety relief but has somewhere 2 day halflife -- while xanax is 4 hours halflife so u really cant taper ever, and I would of seen a new doctor ASAP or check into a outpatient Detox as theyd give you one of these two drugs definatly.

Anyone who claims to detox off Xanax with Xanax, obviously either lied, or they werent taking enuf to cause actual withdrawl because when ur body takes away half the dose every 4 hours, youll never be "stablilized" on the benzo. You can make your transition smoother, by taking the 0.25 pills slowly, but definatlly cannot detox, and i would never think a real doctor treating prescribed benzo withdrawl would give xanax.. so please provide background to doctor's experience with medicine.. if he prescribed 16+ i would guess hes a quack anyway lol. but im guessing it was "self-dosage" which is ok in my book but just saying - Now you now :) Clinic you coulda been symptom free heheh, and if you goto a Clinic you can be honest, while if its with your main doctor youd be more likely to hide the high dosage - Ive been in pharmacy a while and have never seen someone dose over 5, 2mg pills per day = 10 mg xanax per day.. EVER. Usually its 2mg tablets 1-4 times a day as ive only seen five times a day like twice. but i understand tolerance, and wanting to be anxiety free so Im not trying to judge.. just know its not safe to self-detox and you can goto places where even if you werent prescribed (but i hope it was!) they will listen, and treat you fair and give you the proper medicines above without hassle - but you must not see any doctors while detoxing is the only rule i know of and must not get any more drugs from other docs or fill any drugs without telling the detox first

11-16-10, 01:35 AM
I was on Xanax for about 6 weeks after I got in my car wreck in the March of 2010. I was very very shaken after the car wreck and was having massive anxiety.

I went to a doctor and they wrote a script for Xanax 2 mg a day to help me calm the hell down. Long story short, I stayed on it for about 6 weeks before I decided it was best that I got off the drug. I didn't like forgetting lots of stuff, and I researched horror stories about benzos. I asked my pdoc to switch me to Valium and taper off because of the longer half life. To which he responded, "Valium is Addictive." I tried cold turkey, which was not extremely horrible, but not worth it.

Found a new doctor shortly thereafter, and she switched me over to 40mg Valium and told me to wean myself off at the rate that suited myself. The flexibility of my tapering rate made for a successful and painless taper. If I had been on Xanax for a long time, I'm sure it would have been much more difficult.