View Full Version : converting 4mg/day Ativan to Xanax XR

04-06-10, 05:44 PM
I know the idea is to stick with what works, but I'm tired of taking the 4x/day 1mg Ativan because with the 2nd dose I either at times have to take late ( 30min - 1hr) or skip the dose. One day I even skipped 2 doses in the same day ( the 2nd and 3rd dose ). I'm planning on asking the pdoc Thursday if he has time to see me about taking Xanax XR instead of the Ativan. But I don't know a good conversion or if the shift will affect my seizure threshold.

Any help? Ideas?


(P.S. Found out that Xanax XR is covered by Medicaid, thanks pharmacist).

04-09-10, 01:13 PM
Don't know, but I think Xanax is more potent than Ativan, so you should be alright switching. As far as doses and Xanax XR, I have no idea.