View Full Version : Daily De-clutter.... Wednesday, April 7th

04-07-10, 07:51 AM
Good Morning Ya'll,

Didn't sleep well last night with the storms going on so I slept in a bit today (6:30ish) Not awake yet. I don't have big plans today. My main thing is the living room I guess. I have a LOT of clean laundry that I want to bring in here to sort but it needs to be cleaned up more before I can bring the laundry in to sort it out and put it away... make sense? Overall the living room is in pretty good shape so it shouldn't take too long, I'm just lacking motivation today. Anyway, what is in your plans today? Make it a great one!

04-07-10, 09:07 AM
I really have to do my laundry today -- no undies! It's part of de-clutter because the clothes are overflowing to closet and bedroom floor, LOL. My clothes plus separate load for son's clothes, declutter goals of the day.

04-07-10, 09:51 AM
My house looked good over the weekend and it's starting to come apart again...I always underestimate how quickly I can re-clutter a room! I tend to make a mess after work because I'm so tired that I cut myself slack - don't clean up dishes from dinner, throw my work clothes on the floor, etc. Then I notice by later evening that my house is a mess, but that's the time of night you're supposed to be able to wind down and relax, so I don't want to pick it up then. I think I need to start taking a designated amount of time after work to straighten up around the house - after awhile, it should be mostly clean and won't ever be a huge job...right??? :rolleyes:

Have a good day, everybody!

04-07-10, 09:52 AM
Yay! So glad to see y'all are keeping this up!

Let's see... I had a miserable past couple of days. I started my period which means I was in bed nursing my cramps with heating pad and vicodin. Yesterday I JAD to get up and out to complete a customers order for party invitations though.

Today is much better! I have not turned on thecomputer, I'm still sitting though wishing I had a coffee IV drip.

I don't know exactly what I want to do today. I really accomished a lot one day last week when I allowed myself to clean the ADD way (just start moving and where ever it takes me to clean, go with it and be happy SOMETHING is getting done!)

so I might try that again today!

Some guy asked on another thread about why this is for women and another asked if guys could join in.... Well, I'm a woman and most women are the ones in charge of the majority of housework, so that's why I started the threads here. But PLEASE feel fre to join in! This is all about supporting each other and accomplishing our goals! It's not gender specific!!!