View Full Version : 1st day on focalin-very tired

04-07-10, 11:01 AM
well i just started focalin today,and so far im very tired,thats all i feel. doc gave me 5mg twice a day. with the ritalin i felt it start working,but just was getting too nervous,but this is making me feel like going to sleep! is this how its supposed to feel? or will it get better?

04-07-10, 02:34 PM
i get nervous then dizzy tired anxious when I take larger dose at once.

you probably need to reduce you focalin dose. And I wont recommend mixing focalin with Ritalin. first, you cant distinguish focalin effects.

Second, focalin is lot more potent than you think. if you add Ritalin it will be even more potent and intensify PNS stimulation.