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04-11-10, 05:56 PM
Hello, I am not sure where to start as I am very new at this

I am almost 50 and only just discovered in the last few months that I am ADD and it has been a much now makes is a relief but also brings regrets about how much of my life I may not have struggled had I known earlier.

anyway, I have been struggling most of my life with symptoms from PTSD, Depression, and over the last few years things have gotten worse with undiagnosed ADD, Insomnia, Fatigue, and approaching menopause. I also have osteoarthritis.

I recently had a breakdown and I am finally addressing many things and getting treatment/therapy.

I have always been extremely sensitive to medication and am also allergic to alcohol. My experience with meds in the past has mostly been with intolerable side effects. I can not tolerate many meds including SSRI's.

Out of desperation and with the discovery of my ADD, I have opened up to the possibility of trying meds again although very reluctantly.

I have also added and increased my supplements and am eating a very nutritious vegetarian diet, with no or very little sugar now.

anyway, I started taking generic WELLBUTRIN 100 SR about 3 months ago. I had terrible side effects and almost gave up on several occasions during the first 4 weeks. I did some fact finding and asked to switch to brand name Wellbutrin. It is like a totally different side effects at all fact I don't even feel it at all...shouldn't I feel some effect?? I was on Wellbutrin brand 150 XL once a day for one month and then I upped dose to 150 XL twice a day for the last 2 weeks...still don't feel it and am wondering if it is effective?? to early to tell??

A couple of days ago I started Dexedrine IR and split the 5mg tablet in to quarters and take them about three times a day about 5 hours apart for a total of about 3.75 mg total a day.

Even 1.25 mg of Dex has an effect within an hour and lasts about 5 hours! I feel a sort of clear and calm and it even gives me a lift if i feel depressed or anxious. It has only been three days. This is a teeny baby dose I know but it seems to be working already. I felt no affect at all from the WB that I am aware of even after three months.

I am wondering if I should take the WB XL at different times or switch to WB SR. Can you please advise best time to take all the meds and if they should be taken apart?

I am also taking some herbs, vitamins, amino acids, and meds as follows

Morning usually around 8 am on empty stomach:

Tyrosine 500 mg
B-Complex/Rhodiola Stress Formula (1 cap)
B-12 liquid (methylated form)
Inositol 500 mg

an hour or so later:
Dexedrine IR 1.25 mg

mid morning:

Wellbutrin XL 150 mg
Inositol 500 mg with Lecithin 1200 mg
Recovery capsules (5) for osteoarthritis

at least an hour later I have my hemp protein shake, macca, flax with Vit D.

afternoon at least 1.5 hours after lunch:

Dex IR 1.25 mg
B-Complex Chill Pill
Inositol 500 mg

late afternoon/early evening on empty stomach:

Dex IR 1.25
Lecithin 1200 mg
methionine/choline/inositol formula (300mg each)

night for sleep, three hours after dinner:

Inositol 1000 mg
Niacin 500 mg
Phosphorylated Serine 1000 mg
5-htp 25-75 mg
Stress/Sleep Formula - Relora/Ashwaghanda/L-Theanine

wee hours of morning between 4-5 am:

Wellbutrin XL 150 mg

My isomnia is improving but I still wake up at least once and have difficulty getting back to may take more time for my body to adjust to all the changes..I used to sleep one or two hours at a time and usually no more than 4 hours total!!

I am also wondering about trying Guanfacine for sleep/ADD so would like any advise on how this works with the other meds. My psych suggested trying tiny dose of Seroquel but I rather not try that one.

Sorry for the long post but this is my first time and it is complicated

I would be so grateful if you could offer me some advice on my med cocktail and scheduling please. I don't want to increase my dose of Dex too soon but it is tooo early to tell. I am aware that it may have to be increased somewhat but I am hoping to keep it as low as possible but still be therapeutic.

Please also keep in mind that there may be hormonal considerations as I am a female approaching menopause so perhaps a different combination may be more effective...

overwhelmed but trying to be optimistic...