View Full Version : Do you think this is sincere?

04-12-10, 10:43 AM
My mom told me over the weekend, that her brother, my uncle the lawyer, told her that my blog is the best blog he has ever read. Do you think this is a sincere statement. My uncle would have nothing to gain by flattery or lying, but my left over low self esteem whispers in the back of my head that there is something not completely accurate. What do you think. My blog is linked below.

04-12-10, 11:21 AM
Eh, he's probably sincere but I really like what I call 'the american idol rule', only because I first heard it on AI -

If the only people that have told you you're an amazing singer are relatives and friends, you probably aren't.

That said, YMMV... I just wouldn't lose your day job to go off and be a career blogger strictly on a relative's praise.

05-29-10, 11:20 AM
Your uncle is paying you a compliment!

I'm an uncle and it's part of my job description. Does that mean it is insincere? Not at all!

It means that you are doing a good job, that he is reading what you write and wanted to give you a pat on the back. Positive reinforcement.

Will your blog suddenly become The Huffington Post? no.

But keep at it. Keep writing. You are a good writer.

"Focusitis"? That's funny! :)