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04-13-10, 02:40 AM
Hello All,

My family dr has just prescribed the following med for my 12 year old son: D-Amphetamine Salt Combo 10MG Tab. This is a generic for Adderall. Has anyone tried this thus far? Any feedback? I am a new parent to this ADD/ADHD illness and trying to get th ebest info possible. Not thrilled with giving my son this type of Med.. Should I be concerned? He has a moderate case of ADD, can't focus in school and grades going down hill. He's in 7th and strugling. Appreciate any input.



04-13-10, 11:04 AM

Please check out the Medication boards on this website, if you haven't already. Both of my sons were diagnosed last fall (one is in 10th grade, the other in 7th). We all know the heartache and grief when our child is given this diagnosis, and the thought of having to take medicine to get by is wrenching.

That said,my 7th grader sounds very much like yours. He works twice as hard to get B's and C's. I started him on Vyvanse, but the dosage was too high and we went off of that. It changed his personality 180 degrees to a child that almost didn't seem to have emotion. He is a vivacious, witty, talkative child without it. However, his grades shot up to A' missed homework, half the effort to get that grade. It really was something.

He didn't like how the medicine made him feel, so we took it off of it in February. He didn't want to take it at all, because I think it really bothers him to be "different", and have to take medicine at all. I told him if he wanted to go off of it, and he kept his grades to B/C, that was okay. However, school was going to get harder as he gets older and that I foresaw him having to take medicine again...although we would try either a lower dose or a different one so his personality won't be impacted. He agrees he would rather take medicine, then struggle and get bad grades.

I see his grades slipping after springbreak quite a bit. Is that spring-itus...or ADHD, or both? Do I put him on meds 7 weeks before the end of school? Well, I decided if I see flunking grades, I will. If I see C's and above, I won't.

It's really a grieving process for parents, but I try to make everything very "matter of fact" when discussing it with him...sort of "it's not a smart're already smart...why wouldn't you take medicine so the ADHD will quite getting in your way?" sort of tactic.

good luck....Tisha

04-13-10, 02:06 PM
Kaz, I have been on both Adderall and Ritalin. I would consider starting at five mg- split the pill- and see how he does on that. If he is still having trouble, move to the whole ten.

Adderall IR is immediate release and will burn off in around four hours. He may find it more effective to take five mg in the morning and five in the afternoon. Speak with your MD on this.

I know that you want to be careful about just giving a child medication. I totally respect that. But I can tell you from experience that it has not done me any permanent harm. What it DID do was make my brain shut up so that I could concentrate and accomplish things.

04-13-10, 02:23 PM
I agree with Tigger - you can start and increase in 5mg doses. From everything I've read around here it sounds like the way to go. If it works out well I would consider switching to a long-acting medicine once you figure out the best dose. Sometimes when the medicine wears off there is a 'rebound' effect and the kid can get a little extra hyper, nasty, etc. If he takes it twice a day then sometimes there is a sort of roller coaster effect, but the longer acting meds can solve that problem.

Meds can be trial and error, but the right fit can be a wonderful help for your child. Good luck!

04-13-10, 03:28 PM
Start low, titrate slow. Always the best way with stims.

If you see signs of rebound, try a diet soda or something that has a small amount of caffeine in it. Emphasis on "small". Another thing I have found to work is cottage cheese or string cheese. If it is happening consistently and early in the day, a small "booster" of IR can help a ton.

04-14-10, 05:49 PM
You can increase in even less than 5 mg increments. My 12 yo didn't have much effect on 5 mg but 10 mg was too much...he was cranky and had some sleep issues. I gave him a 7.5mg dose that worked very well. I don't know what the generic adderall xr is like but the non-generic was beads that could be divided easily enough if you eyeball it carefully. And going up slowly can mean being at the same dose for several days to a week at a time. Let him adjust and you can begin to see the changes. Stay away from acidic foods when you give it to him in the juice and the like as it can reduce the effectiveness and then you really don't know what result you are seeing.