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04-13-10, 01:37 PM
heya my name is loz for short im going through hell at the min well have been for quite a while i couldnt cope with school they said that i had dyslexia blah what a load of rubbish i got adhd predominately inattentive and me and my parents have only just realised that my behaviour isnt down to them being crap but because i have serious geuine problem and its causing me some real issues wondering whether really someone couldnt help and advise me reli on what to do im 19 years old and just havent got a clue what step to take or where to go with anything my ADD is affecting me in everything i do and i cant escape from it bet alot of you feel that way its terrible when you know you can do something but theres just that one big huge thing pushing you back :rolleyes:

04-21-10, 07:36 AM
Hiya my concentration in school is quite bad when not taking my equasym 10mg but i cope better taking them i came off strattera because it had bad side effects
although today i'm not coping so well because i forgot to take my tablets