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04-13-10, 05:28 PM
Am I crazy or are there no declutter threads? If I am crazy please correct :)

Hopefully we have all been absent because we are so busy decluttering :rolleyes: I actually hit somewhat of a low point with my room torn apart, my body betraying me in a series of digestive...issues, and things crazy at work. Now I'm back on an upswing again and am doing laundry as we speak. ( know.) Laundry is HUGE for me, I usually HATE doing it. The amazing weather helps a lot.

Anyhoo, gonna switch out the loads and go for a walk. Hope you all have been doing great! Catch us up to speed! (Or, if I just didn't see your thread, redirect me and I'll catch myself up to speed.) :)

04-13-10, 07:26 PM

I think there's an ongoing decluttering thread that's been moved to the "household" (?) section or something.

Think that "Krys." writes in it -- but is trying to avoid getting on the PC too much as it interferes with her daily tasks plans.

Cats :)

04-13-10, 11:12 PM
Yeah there is a thread and has been one each day... it got booted from the womens forum though and trucked over to the "household tips and tricks" closet. You can find it by scrolling down and on the bottom right there will be a spot that says "forum jump"..... click that and scroll WAY down, even past the forums for individual states and it is a subcategory listed under" Resources, Tools & Organizational Tips" It's really kind of tricky to find if you don't know where to look. And yes I was going to not be online much today... I did check in some and got most of my list finished. Oh, also if you click on "new posts" at the top of the page the daily thread should pop up somewhere.