View Full Version : Ken Rothbaum, ADD-knowledgeable pdoc in DC

04-13-10, 09:42 PM
I was referred to Ken Rothbaum ( by a local coaching/therapy business. They send a lot of business his way. So far, he seems to be doing a good job. He was able to add Dysthymic Disorder (helps explain the last few years) to my ADHD-PI dx, understands that we generally have to mess around with stim dose schedules ourselves, and has been patient and considerate with my sleep issues.

He encourages me to update him by email between visits, and he made an appointment for me on short notice (again via email) when I had to discontinue WB due to allergy.

In addition to prescribing, he does CBT, although I haven't used him for that.

He does not take insurance, but since I have to file for reimbursement for almost everything using my insurance, that's nothing new.