View Full Version : Benzo at night to help with Sleep-Eating Disorder?

04-13-10, 11:34 PM
I've always had sleeping problems, falling asleep at least... and then about six years ago I started waking up in the middle of the night needing to eat something. I'm aware of it when I do it, I just seemingly have no control over whether or not I really even need to eat it... I just get up to do that exact thing. It's almost always sugary foods... or carbs. Donuts and blackberry jam on toast are my weaknesses I guess.

My question is, with a benzodiazepine dose at night (which I already know helps me fall RIGHT asleep without a doubt) would that help with the 5 am trips to the kitchen... like it could help my disrupted sleep pattern from this eating problem.
The other night I woke up FIVE TIMES TO EAT MORE and came to find that three of those times I ate a whole donut each trip !!!

My tooth enamel is suffering, and so is my digestive system... is this a liable reason to bring the problem up with my psychiatrist?

04-14-10, 12:12 AM
well..u probably wont get up and get food in the night...but you will probably be eating more during the day because benzo's often increase appetite.

also, benzo's aren't usually for long term use...but they could be