View Full Version : Daily De-clutter..... Thursday, April 15th

04-15-10, 07:16 AM
Morning People,

For the 3rd day in a row, morning came to my house at around 5:15? Wow. Eh well, I've always said as long as it's after 5 I'll call it morning. lol Today, I'm not going to gripe about being sleep, or about my aches or pains. And I won't say a word about whatever upper respiratory funk I have going on. :p (yes I find myself amusing, what's wrong with that?) No, today is all about getting stuff DONE! Because tomorrow, I have company coming. hahaha Isn't that how it goes. Actually I don't want to do it all cause of the company... it's only my mother after all. However, the flip side of mom coming is that my husband is going to be here on his own for a bit. That's all well and good but I'd like for him to be able to find stuff while I'm out and that means CLEAN UP! So today is another DO IT ALL day. I do work well under pressure.... doesn't mean I have to like it! :cool: My big task is still the laundry. I got the clean stuff sorted into broad categories such as towels, DH's stuff, my stuff, etc.. Now I have to go through each pile, separate it a bit further and then fold/hang & put away. What are your plans today? Just don't forget to make it fun!

04-15-10, 09:52 AM
Good morning Krys-

I'm going to give my back a rest today and pay bills. This afternoon I'm at the shelter with the kids and tonight, I'm off to my first ADD support group meeting (That's if I remember...) Have a great day!

04-15-10, 02:33 PM
Wow it's dead in here today huh? So far, doing EVERYTHING has consisted of some more vacuuming and getting most of the laundry put away. I also did some basic stuff that I always try to do but there is lots to get done still. I'd like to be done when DH gets home from work. I still need to figure out what I'm fixing for dinner too! I hadn't thought about dinner yet until just now.

Suz: Hope your back rests well and enjoy your meeting. :)

04-15-10, 02:36 PM
Hi friends

Had a p-doc appt way downtown and had to handle a few banking issues, but the rest of the day will be really reserved for double (OK triple) checking my tax return before committing it to e-file (especially after yesterday's $2K turnaround by changing one little thing).

P-doc upped my Strattera by 20%. We'll see what that does.

04-15-10, 03:12 PM
Quick clean up of the bathroom. Needed some disinfecting.

Have been attacking my disgusting kitchen...oh my...the pot I found was growing another life-form. EW! So, it's soaking in dishsoap and vinegar. I'm not even pouring that down the drain...I'm carrying it to the woods. I just hope I can disinfect my pot enough to the point where I feel safe using it again.