View Full Version : Eliminating my symptoms

04-15-10, 10:55 AM
So, I'm getting closer to resolving alot of aggravating symptoms. For myself I've been on concerta and was trying other stims to see if I could find a better fit, long story short and after a few trials , well I'm back with concerta. I had been on wellbutrin which is great but stopped to see if I could add intuniv on it's on with concerta with success. Well that didn't happen. For me personally when I take wellbutrin with concerta consistently I am focused and driven , without wellbutrin the drive seems to turn to passive focus which is not really helpful. I guess wellbutrin helps me stay motivated so concerta and wellbutrin look to be like they will be on the same field being used together again. Now, as far as price goes I really don't have to add anything else but for sensory issues it would be a key element. Ironically my situation seems to be that wellbutrin lifts my mood and keeps my ambition running but adds some unwanted NE based stimulation "sensory" so I'm really trying to wonder if I should go with ( concerta, wellbutrin , tenex) or concerta , wellbutrin , low dose cymbalta .