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04-16-10, 04:11 PM
I'm not kidding. It hasn't helped me at all.

Any advice as to what I should look for with a new medical professional? I am open to using medication, but I'd also like to learn some positive life strategies, not to mention have the kick in the pants to start and finish and accomplish and all that.

So far all they've done is listen to me blab or I've listened to them blab and I don't follow through on their suggestions or I forget or I consider them to be stupid and pointless so I don't bother. Or they prescribe stuff which sometimes helps, but not necessarily. All in all, a big time waste of time and money.

Oh I have adhd-pi, by the way.

04-16-10, 04:55 PM
Hi desolationangel,

I'm a fellow adhd-pi sufferer, and I can tell you that having the right doc has made dealing with this much, much smoother. In the advocacy section of the forum there are regional boards, which include local "known good" pdoc listings. May I suggest that you start there?

Don't give up just because your last pdoc/therapist rode the short bus to med school :D

04-16-10, 05:14 PM
I have tried several therapy strategies and professionals. Now I understand to what extent what I did in the past was a waste of time and why what I'm doing now is more likely to be constructive and helpful (with reservations, obviously). My conclusions so far:
1. prior diagnosis - I had therapists in the past that did not pick up the ADHD. They may have been good for others, but bad for me. A prerequisite is addressing the ADHD factor.
2. I had an ADHD therapist who was not structured and waited that I will bring the agenda. so therapy was a pleasant conversation. Wrong. what works for me: An ADHD specialist must enforce structure and their own agenda and not wait for me to do that. then I can bring my own issues and concerns. I can thrive only within a framework.
3. To get the benefits from therapy I need to know and understand on my own what are the methods, frameworks, research, etc. In short: I need to actively learn about ADHD. that's what i've been doing now (reading Barkley's Adult ADHD book, for one)
4. Medication. Medication is an important dimension that may provide help, but in context of therapy provides a direct understanding of the impact of ADHD factor on all aspects of life. It enriches my own understanding of myself in a way that enables therapy to be more effective.

04-16-10, 07:11 PM
Don't give up just because your last pdoc/therapist rode the short bus to med school :D

Do you know what they call the guy who graduates LAST IN CLASS at Medical School?