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04-17-10, 07:14 AM
Hey y'all,

Not decluttering today. Well, I do need to clean up my kitchen this morning. But other than that I'm ADDING CLUTTER! Ok so probably not, when I go garage saling I only get stuff that is actually useful. I'm not much for knick knacks or "dust collectors" as I like to call them. I have my fair share of those in the house already. Just gonna enjoy my day out. Don't let my lack of de-cluttering stop any of you though. Get with list making and get to posting about it! Make it a great day!

04-17-10, 09:31 AM

As it is a Saturday, I'll be getting together with two of my sisters to do house and yard maintenance at my folks' huge home -- both indoors and outdoors.

Today we'll start with a breakfast out and then on our way home, we'll stop at any interesting looking yard sales. (Hi, Krys.!! :)) As people may know, during this current recession there are more yard sales than ever being held.

I normally don't buy anything (except a book here or there) but just tag along with my sisters. Something I did buy recently was a air popper type of popcorn popper in excellent shape, for only a dollar. :)

After we arrive at my folks' place, we'll spend the day cleaning and decluttering that place (lol)!! It's a good experience for me because those two siblings of mine are two people who tend to get things done and I learn how they do do these things.

We also do things like interior painting, weeding the huge yard, etc. Then, often at the end of the long day, we go to the local Goodwill and donate good things, but things my folks and we do not need.

A big plus in this experience is spending time with my sisters -- or any other important people. :)

04-17-10, 10:29 AM
Someone tossed an issue of O magazine in the recycle pile in the hallway of my apartment building, so I snagged it because it's an issue dedicated to Uncluttering Your Life or something like that.

Actually quite a few good articles -- especially for women with too many shoes :rolleyes:.

I really related to the article by a woman going through her dead husband's effects 8 years later -- it's 9 for me and there is still stuff to go through. Ack! (that's from "Cathy")

I learned a new word: PALIMPSEST (look it up)

But the best things were the interview with Thicht Nhat Hahn the Buddhist monk, a brilliant quote from William Henry Channing and a link to a website called "kickstarter(dot)com".

So now I have all these tear sheets . . . . nooooooooooooo

oh well.