View Full Version : Now we're trying Focalin. . .

04-17-10, 08:55 AM
I've met with failure so far these past few months with Vyvanse, Nuvigil, and even Adderall (which had worked for me in the past, combined with Cymbalta, but caused too much anxiety on its own.)

Doctor has combined this with Aplenzin (time release buproprion), and we'll see how it works. I had had a bad reaction to Wellbutrin many years ago, but that may have been because it was given to me in addition to Paxil.

It's too early to tell, and too low a dose to tell, if the Aplenzin is going to do anything good for me.

It's also only a couple of hours since my very first ever Focalin XR. Feeling a little heart palpitations, not really anxious, though. Not feeling the euphoria the initial doses of Adderall gave me, or the uncontrollable focus that Vyvanse gave me. Funny thing is that I'm feeling a little more tired than I was before it kicked in. I didn't get enough sleep, so I started off tired, but now I'm feeling a little moreso.

I was a little concerned reading about interactions between Aplenzin and Focalin, but the main concern was that somewhere between 1% and 4% of people taking the highest recommended doses of Aplenzin experienced seizures. That's not something I have to worry about now.

04-19-10, 10:40 AM
OK, day three. I'm getting about an hour of palpitations starting about an hour and a half from taking the focalin. They're not as bad as with other stimulants, and still not accompanied by anxiety. The low dose of Aplenzin and the fact that I've been taking it for only 5 days would not account for this, so I can only assume that Focalin is going to continue to help my focus without the anxiety that has accompanied all the other stimulants I've tried in the last few months.

I'm a little tired, all the way up until the palpitations stop, at which point I feel awake, but not hyped up. From then on, it doesn't feel like I'm using a stimulant at all. Yeah, the mental focus itself isn't as precise as it was with Adderall, but the lack of anxiety is making it a lot easier to put it to use.

Yesterday, I set to work in the back yard, cleaning up debris, trimming plants, moving plants, uncovering the pond, and getting the waterfall/filter working.

I remembered to get all the leaves blown before I took the covers off the pond. I remembered to pick a place for all the branches so I could bundle them for pickup. I remembered to wear an apron to carry my hand tools, and put them in the pockets instead of on the ground. I remembered to put all the tools away and throw out all the non-compostable trash when I was done. I remembered to take my gardening shoes off outside before going into the house.

All this took some conscious effort, but taking conscious effort in the first place when I'm in the throes of a gardening frenzy is a big step in the right direction.

Fingers crossed.