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04-18-10, 08:10 AM
Good Morning Everybody!

Yesterday was GREAT! Hubby stayed home with the kids while Mom and I spent the whole day out (garage sales, chinese buffet, & wal-mart) It was a good recharging day. I couldn't believe how sore/stiff I was when I got out of bed today though! I definitely need to incorporate a bit more exercise into my day. Hubby and the kids had a good day too & I got the "I don't know how you do it" when I got back so that made me feel good. I said "yeah and you had it easy cause our oldest played outside quite a bit" to which he replied "Yeah, and I wasn't trying to get anything done" I'm so blessed to have such a fantastic, understanding husband. ♥♥♥ Ok now that the mush is out of the way, time to get on with a list! It's not going to be much of a list but here goes anyway:

dishes followed by general kitchen clean up
wash hubby's work clothes
figure out what's for dinner
mow the yard
put away garage sale finds

What are your plans today? Hellooooo in there!!! Anybody? Keep it fun!

"Find the funny, find the fun, and the work will soon be done" Ord from Dragon Tales

04-18-10, 10:28 AM
Hi Krys

OK HAVE to do a load or two of laundry -- have to!

Otherwise I have a website job to work on (yay!)

04-18-10, 04:14 PM
well i did the strict minimum for a sunday (dishes; straighten out pile of clothes;take down the recycling) but: I did it!
I'd have posted that but if i had turned on the computer, I wouldn't have done anything at all.
OH and I remembered to buy this makeup foundation, that I'm almost out of. and in the right shade.

04-18-10, 06:19 PM
Ooh.. I'll bite!:D

While my daughter slept in this morning, I walked a half mile down to my girlfriend's house with my weedtrimmer, gascan, boots, and worked in her yard.

She's at work today... 12-hour E.R. shift til 7pm.
She's going to be S..U..R..P..R..I..S..E..D!:eek::D

I've mowed her lawn before when she's been at work, and I did that plus edged the yard.
Then I got carried away and trimmed her overgrown bushes, straightened up her backyard in one corner, reorganized all the garbage and recycles (she was mixing them up and I separated all the recyclables to make it easier next time she goes to dump them).

I walked her Corgi and played ball with her.

There was no laundry to fold, which was too bad.

Then I had one of those AWESOME ADHD moments!:D

I took a piece of blank computer paper and wrote out about 12 "I Love You" notes and cut them into little squares.
Then I took some tape and placed them all in strategic places around her house!:cool:

When she pulls back her covers tonight, on her pillow is a note that says, "You are my Sleeping Beauty".

When she opens her fridge, a note inside there reads, "Your love is the nourishment for my soul"

In one of her clothing drawers is a note, "HI! Just wanted to make sure you didn't forget that I love you!"

I also placed similar notes in a vest pocket, on the keyboard of her laptop (with the top closed over it), on the wall of her bathroom behind the door, so that when she goes in and closes the door, she'll see the note.

There's one in her piano music book on a page I know she will see next time she goes to piano lessons (she may kill me for that since the piano teacher will see it... but the lady who teacher her piano has known me for quite a few years now).

I left one on the door connecting the garage to the house so she'll see it first when she pulls into the garage.

I'm figuring I'll get a call around 7:15 tonight.... then perhaps another one sometime after she starts finding the other notes around the house... :p

Now though, I have to go out and do my own yard!:eek:

This is going to be a GREAT DAY!
My daughter has homework to do so there's not much we can do together today anyway.:(

04-19-10, 06:23 AM
meridian: did you get that laundry done?

stef: I understand! I have days that I have to avoid the pc, lest I get sucked in! Good Job getting done what you did.

wsmac: wowzers! You were a busy bee. Did she react as you expected? The cheese factor of the notes is completely overpowered by the total sweetness of it all. :p That's awesome! I did something similar to my husband YEARS ago. It took awhile to find them all. I hid a few of them pretty good to draw out the process. Did I read that right? No laundry to fold followed by "too bad"? :eek: Ah laundry, a long time nemesis of mine! :D