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Kunga Dorji
04-18-10, 07:39 PM
some of you may know my history from other posts I have made.

I will recap for those who do not.
I am a General Practitioner in Melbourne.
I used not to believe in ADHD as I was one of the top students in my state in year 12 and had always been as scattered as hell- the classic absent minded professor. The symptoms sounded just like me- but as I was such a high academic achiever the whole idea of ADHD sounded quite frankly ridiculous to me.

By age 46 though, I was not coping. I was upsetting my children and work was getting harder and harder to focus on.

Eighteen months ago the diagnosis was confirmed in me, and my life started turning round on the day of the first tablet. Since then I have continued to improve. The medication has been vital in my improvement, but the biggest improvements have come from coming to terms with the peculiarities of my own thinking processes.

As time passes I find that those thinking processes are shared by many other people with ADHD, and are in fact exactly what you would expect for a person whose situation is essentially an overload of information relative to his available attention resources.

I am actively involved in treating ADHD, and am managing many patients on stimulants. My experience is that the side effects are quite straightforwards and predictable, and that they are easy drugs to cease. My own experience is that having started on a dose of 50mg dexamphetamine/day, I am now able to have some days without medication, and many days with only one or two doses.
I believe that if I was not often drowsy in the morning because I am regularly woken from sleep by back pain ( quite severe osteoarthritis secondary to the rough handling that many of us ADDer give our bodies before we are treated) I could probably cease medication altogether.

I see so many cases of missed diagnosis, and over timid treatment that I find it quite distressing. If any of you have problems with your own doctors- pm me- and ask them if they would like to communicate with an Australian GP who has a good understanding of the problem, and direct personal experience, as well as professional experience.

I hope to be doing some talks to support groups around Australia soon, and am working on the first phases of a book that discusses the idea of considering attention an executive skill, that can be developed by anyone who has a good understanding of neuroplasticity.

04-18-10, 08:04 PM
If any of you have problems with your own doctors- pm me- and ask them if they would like to communicate with an Australian GP who has a good understanding of the problem, and direct personal experience, as well as professional experience.

That's a generous offer of your time and knowledge.

I will be interested to see if any one's doctor takes you up on it.

08-26-10, 12:46 AM
Well thats good to know there is a local doctor in Melbourne that diagnosed adhd.

If you tell us the clinic your working in, that would be great for people like myself to get assessed for ADD/ADHD.

Kunga Dorji
08-26-10, 07:08 AM
I dont know that advertising it directly is within forum guidelines. PM me.

01-13-11, 08:18 AM
That's really generous of you to offer, Barliman!

For me, I'm lucky and glad my GP is not judgemental, and although not well-versed with ADHD, he is willing to accept the diagnoses, scan results, neuro-psych testing... and keep supporting. I think if one doesn't know, they shouldn't judge :)

Hope you can help someone else, because it must be a common issue!

08-08-11, 10:27 PM

I live in Perth and have had a string of misdiagnoses, and a very closed-minded doctor.

I also have a 8 year long medical documentation on me, and it looks to most doctors like I am some kind of freak.

However, I have scan results to show I have ADD co-morbid with anxiety and depression, which no one will act on.

I have tried Holosync and it has helped a little, but my life is getting so hectic now, that I have found little relief using it.

I have been on Ritalin before, with almost a complete recovery, after a month of taking it (my doctor tried it when she got the SPECT scan from Hollywood Private, then decided I was manic - even when my EEG is normal - just because I was more patient and felt more. I was just sick of the way I was being treated and wanted something to be done - but the only thing was done was more antipsychotic drugs).

I would prefer not to use Ritalin - I am well-aware of the effects of drugs on the body. I am going to try Synaptol as soon as it arrives - but I would like to know who to turn to, who can back me up if a doctor tries to hospitalise me based on my 8 year history and their conclusion of me.

I have also been diagnosed with ADD as a child, by a psychologist.

I am losing faith in the Australian health system slowly, and if no one is going to do anything, then why should I waste my time and money?

I can't do much without the back up of a practitioner, because my mother is a doctor also - and has a very closed-mind - won't let me take anything but antipsychotic and mood stabilising drugs; and refuses to believe that there is any other hope for me apart from these. Unfortunately, I am also living with her, and have no hope of getting out, until I have enough money.