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04-19-10, 03:33 PM
Hi, I have been on stimulants and a norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor (strattera) consistently now since September 2nd, 2008 and consequently in university. I take one dose in the morning everyday (usually 7:00) and it lasts the entire day and in to the evening. with no crash. This might just be due to the fact that I am also on olanzapean as a mood stabilizer. I never had this experience with Adderall which had a duration on 6 hours. Side-effects surprisingly have been kept to a minimum. I sleep very well. The brain is slow (thoughts) enough to focus on nothing while trying to initially enter good restorative sleep. (ie I passed out lastnight) My apatite has actually improved a little. I have heard that maybe there was supposed to be an increase in anxiety as a side effect with these medications but I have had the complete opposite experience. I am so much more relaxed in front of others allowing me to participate in conversation and not have thousands of thoughts take over and I am able enjoy myself. Like lastnight at a church BBQ function I was at, for instance. I have shown a lot more interest in establishing and maintaining relationships. This is something I know I really needed at this point in my life. As another side effect, I have a comorbidity underlying disorder that is Bipolar type 2 and I was thinking there would be some sort of change in mood, at least in a very minimum way, but it had actually improved the mood (not elated or anything) and I have just been feeling a lot better with myself. Actually smiling and laughing now like normal people do. It's a good thing! Maybe someone else with this same same comorbidity condition can share their experiences and if it has been a tricky one to treat and if you have any changes in mood.

It seems all I have is positive things to say about the Drug. I have definitely noticed a huge increase in cognitive functioning. It's not really fair but I am looking forward to the future with a very positive outlook. In the other severe deficits that I have such as distractibility, procrastination, attention/concentration, planning, organization of thoughts, memory and prioritization. Have all really improved. The one that stands out from the rest is the short term memory recall. I don't know what happened to me but I actually remember today's date and the day of the week and I am fully responsive. I am actually in university and just an hour ago did wonderfully in a social psychology exam. I did a bit extre reading 3 hours before the exam and I haven't ever seen how glued my eyes were to the book and actually comprehending and hyper-focusing. Things are really looking up!. The only downfall is to this drug is that I do not think my bluecross insurance covers it yet. But I think they are planning too soon but it might get expensive soon. Maybe someone also covered with this company can give me some insight on when exactly they will be covering it in Canada.

God bless,
Stephen D
Adult ADHD / Bipolar II
(re-diagnosed 2008)