View Full Version : Insomnia?

04-19-10, 09:25 PM
We didn't experience this the first two nights on Focalin but tonite, my little guy who's normally fighting to stay awake is up and running an hour past his bedtime. I'm pretty sure insomnia is a side effect of Focalin but this will stink b/c he typically needs 10+ hrs of sleep.

He had cub scouts tonight and was excited b/c they went fishing AND he got his evening meds late (which usually make him sleepy--lexapro and tenex) so maybe that's it. For now, he's on the couch with Dad watching the Bruins beat the Sabres.

Hopefully, he'll drift off soon. The last time he did this was when I forgot to give him his meds one morning and he was up until 2AM!!!!

04-19-10, 10:18 PM
OK, don't want to jinx it but he seems to be down now. He normally goes to bed at 8:30 and is basically asleep when his head hits the pillow. He sat up and watched some hockey with Dad and then shortly after 10 asked to go to bed and he's been quiet. Sweet dreams!

04-20-10, 12:55 PM
Jen, I hope it was a one-time thing. My son has always been a terrible sleeper, so if the Focalin might make that even worse, I'm not looking forward to it! We'd been using melatonin, and for a while it seemed to help, but lately it seems to not be as effective. Left to his own devices, he'd stay up until 10:30, 11:00 or later every.single.night, which won't do when he's got to get up by about 6:30 on school mornings.

04-20-10, 01:35 PM
I don't like hearing this, as we are going to try Focalin. Of course, my guy is up until 11:30 even without medication, so maybe it won't matter. He takes melatonin, which works like a charm (hope I haven't jinxed that).

04-20-10, 01:43 PM
It may have just been a fluke so we will see. I gave his meds about 30 mins earlier this morning and I try to get his evening meds in him by 7:30 tonite so hopefully he'll be ready at 8:30 bedtime. Last night it was almost 8:30 when he got his evening meds so I'm sure that didn't help. I'll add that he did get sleepy and went back to bed about 10:15 and sleep the rest of the night with no incident so hopefully we won't have issues tonite.