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06-21-04, 02:06 PM
I was wondering if anyone else may have this problem or may have noticed it with their tics.

Do your tics have a tendency to get worse depending on the type of music you are listening to?

If I am listening to something more energetic, mine increase.

06-23-04, 08:45 PM
I don't tic any more or less to different types of music, but I have different tics.

Death Metal - Shoulder jerking, making fists (I sqeeze until it feels okay and then let go), and roll my eyes...

Enya / Andrea Bucceli (sp?) - abrupt sounds, like barks and gasps, and my head keeps jerking upward

Just a few examples. bleah.


06-28-04, 07:28 PM
Cool! I thought I was alone! :D

07-09-04, 08:57 PM
Glad to know that I am not alone on this one either.

07-13-04, 03:39 PM
No wonder ppl say I dance so good on disco. I CAN'T DANCE!!!! I tic on the dancefloor *Rofl* And it's even worse with alcohol because then I don't care about my tics and go "dancing"... I told my friend about exactly this "music vs tic" thing in may or june... He'd never heared about it, he's got a child with ts.

07-16-04, 12:37 AM
lol at least your tics look like dancing! I was listening to music with my room mate and a friend, they though I was having a seizure. Oye!


07-16-04, 02:04 PM
Depends on what music you're listening to ;)

07-27-04, 10:34 PM
I have a bit of a hard time sitting still while listening to music, but nothing in particular. Kind of just moving with the beat, but more than your average person.

08-10-04, 04:12 AM
You might find this interesting. I happen to be a jazz musician of all things (A trumpeter) and while I perform for everyone, I'm tic'n off at the same time. I am a Jazz Improv soloist and to say the least, Tourette's has actually helped my jazz. A factoid you all might not be aware of is that people with Tourette's tend to be more musically adept than the rest of the world. This is partialy because of the fact that TS is an Autism Off-Shoot.

We just interpret music in a much different way than the rest of the world :) I like to think of my tic's as me always dancing in some way to the music in my mind. And let me tell you, thats a lot of music.

Let me also add that, people love a Jazz Artist that looks alive :) I've become famous in my community for my trademark pocket watch, my funky dancing while playing (the tic's, and sometimes my tics hit me while i'm playing, thus, they become a part of the music I perform), and a great sounding horn :)


08-10-04, 08:58 PM
Oh my gosh, this is so amazing...........

I played clarinet in high school. But I hated marching season, I was always clumsey and could not play and march at the same time, then I had the worse time memorizing music, so I joined the flag corp. Well, I was still clumsy. I love to dance, but it is hard for me when it is more structured and not as free.

08-11-04, 02:14 AM
I'm given freedom when I perform on the marching field. I have enough control of my tourettes to not make it ovbious to judges and I am given artistic freedom when I play solo's on the field :)

08-11-04, 02:59 AM
Aw wow Trebor,that is fantastic that they allow you to do that. We had an excellent Band leader and even won awards, but the freedom that you speak of was not allowed.

08-12-04, 05:49 PM
My son plays trumpet at school.I really luv concerts.The drums are woderful!I luv to tap my hands on my thighs to the beat.,my feet go as well!I can't dance though,I get all out of sync.Wen I was younger I wood get reeeely drunk,then I just didn't care!I don't get drunk now though.If I go to pub now I usually get all ticky so I don't enjoy it much anymore.Really heavy "music" doesn't agree with me either.Wen I'm on my own at home I like it to be quiet.

08-12-04, 08:57 PM
Welcome here Elaine! I can't dance either. Even less when I'm drunk, I tic more when I'm drunk ;) When I go out I hate the discos but like the pubs. In a pub you can be your self and TALK instead of shout to your friends. But there is a good thing about disco too, when the strobes come... let it all loose. Everyone just think you're doing a cool dance act ;) *g* When I was 18 and quit school I was on the dancefloor, pretty drunk. My classmates were so happy to see me on the dancefloor and said later "We didn't know you could dance." Yeah right! *rofl* If they only knew what I was ACTUALLY doing there. :p But now I'm relaxed and I don't care if I tic.

08-14-04, 02:22 AM
I was lucky to even get that freedom lol. We won state championships for the 2003 season of my senior year in Virginia in a USSBA competiton. My school is Westfield H.S. (Since then I have graduated. They keep calling me back in for gigs however lol).

08-18-04, 01:01 AM
Hi Elaine and welcome.

If I am understaning correctly, your have Tourettes Syndrome.?

08-25-04, 01:34 AM
Sometimes my tics worsen when I listen to music but for me the worst thing is watching movies!! Me and my brother went to see a movie tonight and it was a waste of money for me because I spent so much time rolling my eyes in the back of my head that I hardly got to see much of the movie! When Im relaxing watching a movie, especially in the theatre, my eyes always shut and roll back and my muscles tensen up so I dont get to enjoy them very much!

09-04-04, 04:06 AM
I don't think I tic worse with music (at least that I have noticed) although I do have to move more to the beat (at least tap or something) than your average person. The main problem with music I have (which is quite weird) is that I absolutely have to listen to a song the whole way through or i panic a bit. Sometimes a few butterflies in the stomach, sometimes worse, until I can hear the song again the whole way through. This was torturous growing up with a brother who plays the guitar and insisted on listening to the same part of a song over and over again and never letting it finish. This is also really annoying when I am about to leave the house and I have to stand around for another 2 and a half minutes etc (heaven forbid I acidentally miss the end and then the next song starts...)

Is this weird? I thought it might be some kind of obsessive compulsive behaviour... My flatmates are pretty understanding, they never turn off a song half way, and if they absolutely have to they actually figured out that if they fade it out I am ok with that. However, my mum on the other hand likes to do it on purpose as "therapy". Grrr.

Ooh and I, too am quite musical so if this help's Trebor's case... (well, it won't because I still haven't been diagnosed with anything yet, hmmm me being too scared to talk to the doctor about it)

09-04-04, 08:30 AM
Aularian: Isn't this som kind of OCD you have? That thing that you *h-a-v-e t-o* do something or you'll feel overwhelming anxiety. Ocd is pretty common among us ts'rs. And you don't have to be scared of the doc, you can get very good help if you feel handicapped by your obsession :)

09-05-04, 08:29 PM
Yeah I used to joke with my friends that I have OCD because of that reason and I just thought it was funny. And because there are other things that I do as well like everything has to be symmetrical when I walk, eg.if I step on a crack with one foot I have to do it with the other, but only when I am paying attention.

I think i just used to find this funny but the more I think about it I think they are some kind of real obsessive compulsive behaviours. I mainly noticed this the other day I was walking down these stairs and they were really pretty with plants and everything and very symmetrical, except that in the middle there was a fountain and I had to choose to either go left or right of the fountain. I tried for ages but I couldn't choose so I had to turn around and go back the way I came. Hmm.

I was at a party on saturday and my favourite song was on, I was quite drunk and getting pretty involved in it, and my favourite part and someone turned it off. And I screamed. And put it back on again and even after hearing the whole thing again my stomach was still racing. Hmm even more. Maybe i should do something about this :)

09-11-04, 09:44 AM
I agree with Piupau that this is probaby all OCD related. OCD is common with TS and it appears that if you do have OCD, in which you sound like you do.......that if it is causing you problems in your daily life, that you may need to seek treatment for it. There is an excellent section in forums for OCD that you may want to check out as well.

07-05-05, 01:56 AM
Hey All!

I have a mild form of TS and I find I have to rock from side to side to favorite songs I've done this on and off throughout my whole life however unlike an autistic person who generally goes into their own world I'm still aware of my surroundings and the people around me, I also have other tics mainly vocals when listening to certain music and I experience certain emotions, thoughts etc when listening to certain songs/music as well.

The rocking is compulsive when I hear a fav song and if I'm in company I'll substitute the rocking for another compulsive movement such as tapping hands on my knees or tapping my feet on the ground or head movements similar to Stevie, I find this annoying more than anything but I accept it but that doesn't stop hoping they'll find a GREAT pill to stop


02-05-06, 08:09 AM
I mainly have breathing tics when I listen to some music.

02-05-06, 12:25 PM
My 12 year old son's diagnosis is adhd, ocd and mood disorder. He's been medicated since preschool due to being off the chart hyper. He currently takes Metadate, Respirdal, Zoloft and Clonidine.

I have adhd and started Adderall in March 2005. My husband has add and started Adderall in June 2005.

My son has gone through several phases of tics during the past several years. The eye blinking, sniffing, licking the lips, grunting, throat clearing, tapping, etc... The tics come and go (wax and wane).

I sniff "alot" but thought it was due to sinus issues (I have had 2 sinus surgeries) but the more I read about it, it could be a combination of a tic also.

My 14 year old daughter shows symptoms of adhd but is not medicated. She has gone through a few tics before. One when she was around 5. She looked like a frog catching a fly. Her tongue would shoot out of her mouth very quickly. Back then we thought it was just a "bad habit" but now know it was a tic. She also sniffs alot.

During early June of 2005, right when school let out, I wanted to switch my son from Metadate to Adderall because I was having such good luck with Adderall. Plus I wanted to wean him off of Respirdal because it causes him to gain weight and when he plays, his face gets really red and kids call him a cherry bomb.

His doctor said we could try it, so we did. For the first 2 weeks life was good. The only issue was that the Adderall was keeping him awake at night even though he took the Clonidine before bed, that usually knocks him out.

Two weeks after switching him to Adderall and weaning him down to one Respirdal per day (instead of 3), all **** broke loose.

He developed a noise tic that he did several times a minute. This frustrated him and his behavior was majorly horrible too. The noises totally bothered the rest of our family to the point that we couldn't sleep at night due to his being awake making the noises.

We gave it a few days and contacted the doctor, who switched him back to Metadate and upped his Respirdal again.

The noise tic lasted through the summer and into the start of the school year.

Luckily for him, he was able to control the noises while at school. My worst nightmare was that he would get made fun of even more than he already does.

We didn't know if the tics would have come even if we didn't change his medication at all in June. Considering that he has had them before but not as severe. With his being a 12 year old boy, this is a common time for tics.

We didn't know if the Adderall made the tics that he already had come out even more than the Metadate had. And we didn't know if lowering his Respirdal caused the tics to come out even more.

The noises eventually went away.

Well, he developed yet another tic right before Christmas and he still has it. It's a throat clearing tic again. It is so frustrating for him and the entire family.

We have a previously scheduled appt with his doctor on Friday and I am going to check into perhaps a different type of medication for tics.

Anyway, I recently heard about a movie called "The TIC CODE" with Gregory Hines. It's a few years old. I rented it from the library and it is wonderful. My husband, son and I watched it 2 times. It really helped us see what tics are like and how other people have tics also.

I need to return it to the library because it's late (what can I say, I'm adhd) but I want my 14 year old daughter to watch it too (but she's never home long enough.) I want her to see that her brother can't help the noises that he makes.

I would REALLY recommend this movie to anyone with tics, especially those of you that like jazz music. The boy in the movie had severe tics and jazz piano playing helped him. And Gregory Hines had severe tics and jazz playing helped him too.

Also, I brought a few music cds from the store that have peaceful music on them. Our favorite is one with a flute and also running water. We play the music when my son gets ready for bed and it immediately relaxes him and the tics stop immediately as he falls asleep. Without the music, he tics up until the last second he's sleeping.

02-08-06, 10:33 AM
Oh wow. This is a great topic. My tics seem to stay the same even when I'm listening to music. I tend to think I can blend it in better though. When I'm with friends and having vocal tics while I'm singing they dont usually notice it. I just try to blend it into my singing.

02-19-06, 04:54 PM
Listen.....quietly.....focus.....I can't hear my son's tic. It has finally subsided for now. It was very strong right before Christmas until last week. It has finally gone away, for now....

05-22-06, 08:05 PM
I love music. I play guitar...But like others have already mentioned. I cant read music..I started with Piano but couldn't do it. Moved to guitar and love it. Its like endless possibilities right in front of me. When I get really into anything my tics calm down alot. Especially with music. More so when I actually play my music and not listen to it. Because as cheesey as it gotta become "one" with the guitar. Okay wow. Hippie momment there:p. Good Topic