View Full Version : Passage of Time Makes Me Sad

04-21-10, 01:09 AM
For some reason, I have a preoccupation with time passing. I noticed that lately I have been feeling really down, which seems to make my obsession even worse.

It's so extreme that I even get slightly depressed watching different seasons of a television show. I'm not sure if this makes much sense, but I'll try to explain using the Sopranos tv series. When I look at the original seasons of the show, I can't stop thinking about how young everyone looks and how much they've changed over the years. It makes me kind of sad to see how everyone has gotten older. Just thinking about how much time has passed from Season 1 to 6 makes me unhappy. Then I start to think about how much younger I was during those years (1999, 2000, etc). I just wish in some ways that I could turn back time, because they were probably some of the best and most enjoyable years of my life.

I know this is ridiculous, but can anyone relate at all? I feel like at 22 I should be enjoying my life and not worrying so much about the past.

04-21-10, 09:00 AM
I can absolutely relate to this. It's a mood that comes and goes when I'm depressed, or can sometimes trigger it for me.

Things that seem like they should make me happy, or at least not despondent, can have the opposite effect. For example, finding and listening to an old CD I haven't listened to since high-school, or reconnecting with an old friend can bring on crushing feelings of an overblown nostalgia for the period where I listened to that music, or saw that friend, regularly.

Ironically, overall, I've been much happier with where my life is now than I was for most of the preceding years, yet still somehow get these feelings about times when I was really truly miserable 90% of the time.

04-21-10, 10:37 AM
Hi Chris, are you being treated for your depression? Sounds like no, or the treatment isn't working.

Please see a doc and get some kind of treatment whether it be meds, exercise, vitamins, therapy of -- best of all -- all of the above.

You don't have to feel this way. I've been there and believe me turning 60 later this year is something I am very aware of.

That said, since getting on a treatment plan, I haven't felt so well in decades!

Please see your doctor. It should help.

04-21-10, 11:42 AM
Yes. I think that show Cold Case, where they flashback to a previous time decades prior, is depressing. Yet, I think I feel that way because it shows how people had to live with something so horrible for so long without resolution even though the answer had been there all along. I am, however, in my 40s. Everyone should be enjoying their life and not thinking too much about the passing of time, but at your age I think it's more significant to be thinking/feeling that way. I think you should get to what's behind that feeling. You don't want to be my age and realize you spent the 20 or so years that way.