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04-21-10, 02:23 AM
So, one of the things I have held with me since I was a wee baby is music. When I got a piano when I was 4, I made my own song. It was a simple song that used all the keys on the piano, but it was still creative.

My mother has always said that I would hum when I was 2. I would hum and hum more than I would talk. Humming was my stimulation. It has always been my stimulation.

My mother says that I quit playing with the keyboard, but she kept it anyways, because she said I'd throw a fit if she tried to throw it away. I stopped playing with this piano until I was 8 and got my other piano.

I got another keyboard when I was 8, one I didn't quite like as much as the one I got when I was 4, but I still played on it. However, one of the things I noticed is that my music had a sad detune to it. It wasn't like this when I was 4. It would sound really happy, but it would hint torwards some really sad, anxious feelings.

After I found my keyboard again when I was 13 (I had moved so many times... This current move is my 29th time, maybe more.) I used it to stim. It would be my way to comfort myself, when I was really upset. I understood I used this for this reasoning too. (Sorry, I've got aspergers on the brain... It's quite persistant, so THIS is a very visual explanation for me, and I can actually clearly explain it right now.)

However, I wanted to do more for the longest time since being introduced to computers. I just have a horrible problem with learning things. I don't know what to look for in order to find something I want to look up usually, hehe.

I was introduced to Fruity Loops Studios. I started off kind of slow, because I was absolutely intimidated. I just worked with what I was comfortable with when I made a song. At first it didn't turn out great. But second time around, I got something going. However, I really love my little piano I've had since I was 4 (but lost due to so much moving), so I used it first for the most part.

My first real song was the Tetris A Song Remix. My problem was I didn't want to change anything:

After that, I started using 3rd party VSTi plugins. Basically packets full of instruments and the plugins usually have all kinds of options in different kinds of ways.

Then I realized what horrible sound quality and management FL had and looked for something better.

And here is the song I am currently working on in Ableton:
This isn't the newest version, but It's still just as much a work in progress, heh.

However, the rest of my songs are on:

Part of the problem I'm having with my music now is that when I am depressed, anxious, or overstimulated... It kind of shows in my music. I stopped working on this song, because I can't specifically put it together in a way that sounds nice right now.

Well... There you have it. Hope you enjoy my music. heh

04-25-10, 05:10 AM
wow, do you rave? some of your stuff would be pretty bomb at a rave.

i think you have some mad potential. keep at it! keep creating, keep polishing up your stuff, keep learning more...

artists are supposed to create when they're feeling crazy. that's WHY they feel crazy! it's the inspiration! mad genius! you're supposed to lose yourself in your work, forget to eat and shower, get grumpy at other people when they interrupt you, and keep odd hours!! it's the artist's privilege!!

and i dunno about you, but i prefer music that reflects what i'm feeling. it makes me feel less alone. i think there are many other people who are the same way. and come on, how many super happy people do you know? disney seems to have a lock on happy mindless music, anyway. i totally prefer sad/angry/dark/powerful/wistful/etc. to pretty or happy. yuck.