View Full Version : Son was switched to concerta 27mg

04-21-10, 04:46 PM
I have a 6 year old son Who was diagnosed with severe ADHD. He was originally taking Adderal XR 15 mg it work at first then stoped we increased to dosage to 20 and it never worked. Now two days into the concerta and yet aggain no improvement. He is such a sweet boy but destroys everything. I cannot even blink for a second because he acts on inpulse. Im so tired but I realize that one day we will find the right meds.

04-21-10, 06:53 PM
hey there. have the doctors mentioned anything about a medication called Vyvanse? I too have tried adderall xr and concerta but neither works as well as vyvanse. i know these aggressive acting-on-impulse feelings can too be a side effect of these meds, especially if not taken at the right dose. vyvanse is a little bit less of those feelings and more of a smoother ride through the day. maybe it could work better for your son than adderall or concerta. but like i said, you should talk to his doctor about this. im not sure about meds with a 6 year old, but i think it is something to check into.