View Full Version : Different Conners Rating Scale and other issues

04-21-10, 06:14 PM
While completing a Conners rating scale for another child, I couldn't help but think about my DS16. I kept thinking...5 several times a day, over and over again for almost the majority of the survey questions in relation with my son. I'm highly annoyed by him lately as he seems to be crossing the personal boundaries of his family members including our dog. My question on the Conners scale is.... the age range shows 6-17 and my son will be 17 soon. Conners wouldn't be an effective measurement according to the instructions.... but how different is it compared to what young adults use?

He has also missed two appointments to his doctor... and well, I thought natural consequence would encourage him to make the appointment himself and then follow through. He is now out of meds at school and he is emptying his 70mg capsils to match the 50mg he was recently prescribed at home. If I make another appointment for him, I might get 'lucky' and he will go or he'll make another excuse. I can't exactly force a 16 year old into the car. The only other thought was to pick him up during school and drive directly to the doctors. He would not argue with me at school as he would be too embarrased to show such disrespectfulness in public. That sounds TOO co-dependent and maybe he needs to just follow the natural consequence of missing his appointments.... no meds.

Thoughts anyone?