View Full Version : Daily De-clutter.... Saturday, April 24th

04-24-10, 08:10 AM
Hi there!

How is your saturday going? If I could crawl back in bed, I could sleep for another hour easy! Not much going on here today. As for housework... I think I'm just going to work on random stuff. I have a lot of random stuff that needs putting away too. For example, on of our couches has a handful of misc. clothes, a box of baby wipes, and a plastic hanger, hanging out on it. The room isn't a disaster or anything but it could definitely use a good tidy and put away. That is the best way to keep it from becoming a disaster. :) What are your plans today? Whatever they may be, have a splendid Saturday. :)

04-24-10, 02:51 PM
I gotta say, the living room is looking pretty good (even the entertainment center). I still need to de-clutter the pc desk... I don't wanna!!! It almost 2 in the afternoon. Definitely my slow time of day. The kitchen looks pretty good too. Almost all of the dishes are done and I even got the sink bleached!! And I have a load of hubby's jeans in the washer. I keep telling myself if I can maintain the main parts of the house that I will start going through stuff in the "junk" room little by little. Haven't done it yet but IT CAN BE DONE! Anybody else cruisin around here but me?

04-24-10, 04:49 PM
YAY!! I actually cleaned out one of my laundry baskets!!!! Again I say YAY!!! I'm so glad I got it done. Ok so I have 2 big laundry baskets. The thing is, I will use them for laundry for a bit then one day I'll use one to pick up all the random loose stuff with the intention of putting it away. Then I don't put it away. Then before I know it I have both baskets full of random stuff and don't want to tackle them. :oWell I tackled one!!! The other is sitting on my kitchen table waiting for me to tackle it too. (= We shall see how far that one goes.:D

04-24-10, 05:35 PM
I am so happy you just updated this because when i checked this morning I didn't leave right away and now I am going right this second!!!! Thank you. Krys.

My list:

Put the clothes in dryer
don't get overwhelmed

I still remember and I am on my way to get the mail.

New reminder go through all of this mail.......................its scary.

04-24-10, 07:54 PM
Hi guys

Well I wanted to do a load of laundry but didn't.

I wanted to go to the bank but didn't.

I wanted to go to the frame store but they close an hour earlier on weekends so I was a half hour too late.

I DID do some grocery shopping.

I DID do a really very nice, very realistic Photoshopped mock-up of a wall with framed photographs on it for my upcoming group show . . . but it was that hyperfocus that kept me from doing the other things.

04-25-10, 01:36 AM
I think I'm going to start joining this lovely, thread. I desperately need to clean. BADLY.