View Full Version : Anyone from England? Need advice on getting diagnosed.

04-24-10, 01:16 PM
Hi everyone - I don't know if I have ADD as yet. I have a very strong feeling I have always had it though.

I think its certainly in my family. I am awaiting an appointment to see a psychologist in May. An appointment that was made before I had looked into ADD.

I don't know how much the NHS accepts or understands adult ADD diagnosis.

I wondered if any of you out there have experienced problems related to this and can help point me in the right direction?

Many thanks in advance - ADDUNNO

04-25-10, 09:03 AM
Hi ADDUNNO, there's a forum for people in the UK here:

As you'll see there's a wide range of experiences of getting diagnosed. It will depend on where you live and whether you can afford private care.

04-25-10, 09:59 AM
Thanks so much - how did I not find that? :rolleyes: I will have a good look on there thanks again - ADDUNNO

04-25-10, 12:57 PM
It's pretty much the same for all of the UK, not just England. And, yes, it's hard to get a diagnosis as an adult. In fact it's hard to recieve treatment as an adult - even when diagnosed as a child!!! I can vouch for that!

I'm in Scotland, and always have a constant battle on my hands to get prescriptions and even speak to people who are interested in ADHD in adults and can offer services and help. unfortunately for me, it's taken a major incident and getting the social work department and the police involved for anybody to acnowledge that I need perhaps a little more help and support than they've been offering (which, until now was nothing at all).

Anyway, as a side note, just in case you're considering it: private healthcare is no better than the NHS as they all use the same guidelines, just because you pay to see somebody privately doesn't necessarily mean they are more receptive to diagnosing you with anything. I know somebody who went down this road and spent 1000's and came out the other end with an 'all clear' (diagnosis wise anyway) and the only thing to show for it was the huge bill...


04-25-10, 05:48 PM
It sounds bleak. I suppose I will have to see what is said when I attend my appointment. I don't expect it to be acknowledge but I'm going to mention my concerns anyway - just in case the psychologist is knowledgeable about ADD.

If I don't get any help via the psychologist, I won't stand a chance anywhere else. I can't justify paying privately.

I don't think medication is the way to go for me so I'm not too concerned about getting a prescription. Just a clearer understanding for myself really.

I suppose it's going to be a case of getting a better understanding via self help.

Thank you so much for your reply - I do appreciate it. ADDUNNO.

04-26-10, 12:23 AM
From experience, I can tell you that perscriptions for adderall, klonapin etc., are not given out too often. I was there for a month and of course, lost my pills about a week before leaving to go back, and trying to get a doctor just to give me a weeks worth was a complete waste of time.

I totally understand wanting to know. It will mean being able to connect events in the past with today and maybe act the same or differently depending on the situation. The last post you made is the best attitude to go in with. But as I have told other family members, they work for you, NHS or not. So at least explain it to the doc like you just did and I think you might have success. Good luck!!!!

04-26-10, 10:13 AM
The benefits of private ADHD specialists are the average waiting times you can expect, that there are more of them and that you won't need to find a GP who'll agree to refer you to them first or have the PCT approve funding for initial and follow-up consultations. The process with the NHS was a long one for me because of the lengthy procedures involved even though everyone did do what they could to make it go smoothly for me, which isn't the case for everyone who tries to pass the gatekeepers. I was quite desperate for help as soon as possible so would have paid if I could, but if there's no hurry for treatment from them in your case maybe it wouldn't be worth the financial cost. Depends on the person.

04-27-10, 05:42 PM
Thank you everyone for your advice. I really do appreciate it.

My own story is so hard to describe - it's like trying to explain breathing. I've just done it all my life without even thinking about it.

I suppose I've just come to know my behaviours so well I don't question them. It's not until I realise that others do question them that I feel a freak!

It's when I'm perceived as being 'different' - not necessarily in a negative way but those strange looks we get when we say something so out there or so wise and they seem so surprised. Because we'll just be sitting there one minute looking like we're not really tuned in and suddenly spout out some pearl of wisdom.

I can have a hundred thoughts all at once and if there was a recording device attached to my brain, I'm sure it would record all kinds of amazing inventions (or the beginnings of them) and idea's for books and stories and poems. I just can't write them down as quickly. Then they're lost- forever!

Capturing those moments of intuition that seem to come from somewhere else down on paper can be so frustrating. The nights when I can't sleep because my thoughts are coming thick and fast and then I keep turning the light on to write a brilliant idea down.

Then all the years that have past by - and all these brilliant ideas and inventions just lie dormant - unused - unexplored and I end up feeling like such a waste of time.

The thoughts of 'when the children are grown up I'll get on with these things' . . . . trouble is, the children are grown up but still such a distraction, even though they're able to get on with their lives, they still require a lot of brain activity and thought processes and I still feel static and immobile!

One day - some day - eh?

Sorry - just needed to vent a bit xx hope you lot don't mind xx

08-10-10, 08:58 PM
Here is a list of places in the UK where adults can get diagnosed:

I think some of them are not true anymore because its an old list.

I was diagnosed by one of the docs from Birmingham after telling my GP about this list.


03-24-14, 05:24 PM
Hello there

Ah yes, the whole procedure here is very long, i hope you have managed to get a booking since your initial post (I know they can play you around a lot). Anyhow, do not fear a diagnosis of ADHD/ADD, there is nothing to be scared about.