View Full Version : Daily De-clutter... Sunday, April 25th

04-25-10, 08:26 AM
Well Hello There Everyone (posters and readers alike)!

I hope that Sunday is finding you very well. Aside from the sprinkles outside my day is going splendidly so far. I don't mind the rain. It has a good purpose, I do need to mow the yard today though. So far the parts of the living room and the kitchen that you can see look pretty good. Today I'm going to maintain those. Beyond that I want to:

finish decluttering the second laundry basket
put away at least one load of laundry
wash one or two more loads of laundry
take out the trash
take care of some bills

Guess that's it for me for now. The question is... will I do that stuff or something else? As long as I get SOMETHING done I guess that's what matters right? Have a Stupendous Sunday!:p

04-25-10, 03:07 PM
So far I've managed to maintain the kitchen, maintain the living room, put away 1.5 loads of laundry and wash 2 additional loads. :cool: Not bad I suppose. One of these days I shall have to get to the unseen parts of the kitchen.Saying "maintain the kitchen" means that the dishes are done, the counters are cleared and wiped as well as the stove, and the floor has been swept. What you don't see is everything behind the cabinet doors & in the drawers. I go through and organize it periodically but it doesn't stay for long. Perhaps that should be one of my next projects? hmmm yes, perhaps :rolleyes:. How about all you lovely people? I know you are out there... come out come out wherever you are :D. Hope you are having a SPECTACULAR day.