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04-25-10, 02:43 PM
Ok, so I like drawing a lot and was wondering what everyone else here thinks about my drawing! I'm 16 by the way.

This is the first and probably last time I will ever attempt to draw a dog! :D

There are some things I like about it and some things I don't. I started rushing towards the end though because I was getting bored, so maybe If I had the patience to finish it right it would look better. :)

If you have trouble seeing the picture or want to see more of my art, click this link.

Thanks for checking out my Husky picture!

04-26-10, 10:56 PM
Hi Pamplemousse,

A lovely drawing. :)

So want to give up drawing, which you seem to do well?

Maybe just quit for a bit then get back to this endeavor, something I think you show talent in.

Besides, it good to have positive outlets for trying times .... :)

Just my thoughts.

Cats (who cannot draw a mere "stick" cat :D)

04-27-10, 12:48 AM
Hi Pamplemousse,

I think your drawing is very, very good! You show some real talent in your observation skills and your ability to draw what is there and I hope you don't give up. I too am often impatient to see the finished drawing, and I wish I could offer some help there, but meditative hyper~focus might help! LOL! :D
Seriously though, I hope you do lots more animal and dog drawings. Also there is not an Artist anywhere who doesn't find fault with their creations but if artwork was perfectly flawless it would be photography and not a creative representation drawn by a very expressive hand~in this case yours.

In short, Enjoy learning and creating your artwork as you show real talent. :D:D:D


04-27-10, 02:51 AM
Hi Pamplemouse .......I see that you are a member of deviantart ......that is a great place, such nice people there, and some very good artists......

there's a link to my gallery part on deviantart......

you should know that you show quite a lot of raw talent.....I drew up until a friend put a Minlota SRT 101 in my hands and I clicked the shutter....oooh let me hear that again !....and I have been hooked ever since.....

however, having said that I do remember a couple of things about drawinjg very first drawing class in college, the teacher told us.....all artists have 10,000 bad drawings in them have to get these out of the way early....and then he told us besides the individual assignments, we all had to turn in a book of at least 200 drawings at the end of the semester ......

.....I got desperate about 1/2 through ...what on earth was I going to do ??? 200 drawings .......eeeey yi yi I drew my foot, then the other foot , then I took everything out of the utensil drawer in the kitchen ...i drew jewlery from my roomates jewelry box.....I copied illustrations from my dad's medical books ....

I drew my left hand, my roommates, stuff from my tool box....and I did do all 200.....

and I suggest that you do it also ......get a notebook without lines and a pencil...that's all you need ......and draw every day ....the more you do the better you will get ......

in my gallery, you will see some line drawings.....those were pretty much the last drawings I ever did......unforetuneatly, the going from large paper to a scanner to the site, somewhere along the way, the lines got breaks in them ...we have no idea why.....and those are drawing from my last drawing class , only now I was at the San Francsico Art Institute......turned out to be a nude drawing class and I hate drawing nudes I started carrying around this very large drawing pad, and drew my life....,.

my living room chairs, the restaurant where I cooked .....( I really love the one of the back door and the hose coiled up hanging beside the door .....) the laundrymat , the courtyard of the school .....I treasure those pictures ....I have all that stuff in photos ...but there's something wonderful about seeing the drawings .....I did them right there whwere they are from ......

if you love to draw .....then won't regret it ......what makes an artist is that an artist makes art's just that simple !......and once again the more you do the better you will get ....

it's magical .....and a gift that only a few people are blessed or cursed with ....but it's one of your gifts....use it, grow it, grow with it .....

and the other thing I remember him saying ???? art is 1/10th talent, and 9/10th hard work....

04-27-10, 03:48 AM
Looks really good to me.
You do have a talent for drawing from what I see.

04-27-10, 04:40 PM
and I suggest that you do it also ......get a notebook without lines and a pencil...that's all you need ......and draw every day ....the more you do the better you will get

Well i decided to take your advice! I was at the store today and picked up a sketch book for $4. It only has 70 pages in it but I figure it might take me a while to fill depending on long it takes me to draw something.

My one problem is I can never start something and NOT finish it that day. It has to get done while I am still in ''the zone'' lol. So I guess we'll see what happens! :D

04-27-10, 04:46 PM
Very life-like and great shading....and have captured the dogs personality/essence;)