View Full Version : From Intuniv to Tenex, expect same results?

04-26-10, 11:19 AM
We cannot afford the Intuniv but Tenex(generic) is covered under our insurance and we are going to have to move my daughter to Tenex.

Advice? Experiences? Dosage changes? Expectations?

I really like her better on the Intuniv. It is amazing how much more control she is.


ADHD Ceilidh
04-26-10, 11:45 AM
She MAY have more swings in effects of the drug. Sine it is not controlled release, it may have higher drug levels at the peaks and lower drug levels at the troughs. Finding the right dose may take paying close attention and some tweaking. In theory though it should have similar if not the same effects but it may be less convenient to deal with and dose, and timing of doses throughout the day may need to be adjusted based on her response. Good luck.