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04-27-10, 05:33 PM
I posted this in the Focalin forum but also wanted to post here so more people would see it. Man, I feel like I am living on this board this week!

First a little recap. My son (8) was recently diagnosed ADHD. He is very hyper, has definite impulsivity issues, and is often argumentative (although not normally at the ODD level, just questions everything). We started first with Vyvanse. We had a good response at 40mg and a golden few days where my jaw was dropping frequently at his listening and behaving and "taking things in stride." However, it seemed to stop working and when we tried to go up to 50mg he got extremely emotional, argumentative and weepy.

His doctor suggested we try Focalin XR as it is the other "class." On 5mg we saw nothing. WE saw nothing on 10mg last week and his teacher said his focus wasn't that great. I tried to take him up to 15 over the weekend and he got downright beligerant, combative, argumentative -- just all around extremely unpleasant. So I took him back to 10mg yesterday and meanwhile called his pediatrician about adding Intuniv. Also yesterday he had a 2-hour FIT over nothing (the lolipop flavor at the bank and having to run errands with us). Angry, throwing things at us in the car, arguing, being nasty and hateful.

Today we went down to 5mg and started Intuniv 1mg, per his doctor's instructions. After school we tried to run an errand and he was just okay about it, but when we got there he wouldn't listen to us and when we said we were leaving he again got ugly, mean and argumentative -- not as bad as yesterday but not normal.

So I am wondering what I should do tomorrow? Should I give him the Focalin 5 again? Stop Focalin completely and just do the Intuniv? Or try going back to Vyvanse (we still have a 3/4 full bottle of 30mg, which we tried after the 50 didn't go well. He still had some focus on that but the hyperactivity wasn't helped at all).

Advice? Could it be the Focalin and that family making him so nuts, even though we keep going down? Could he have gotten sensitized somehow when we tried to go up to 15? Help!

04-27-10, 05:39 PM
I wish had answers for you but I don't. I will tell you that based on the side effects (not eating, tummyaches, sleep issues) and marginal improvement in hyperactivity and frustration level, we are switching to Metadate CD. Our dr said it apparently isn't working for him and we should switch. We are going to wait at least until Thursday and maybe even the wknd to try it. They ugliness you describe sounds just like my son's "dark moods". I hope we both find something that works for our little guys soon!!

04-27-10, 07:39 PM
Sounds familiar. We are on Focalin XR and Intuniv. 10mg of the Focalin is not enough and 15 is too much. With Intuniv added, we stayed at 10mg of Focalin and added Intuniv until we found what worked (seems like somewhere between 2 and 3 mg of Intuniv). Some days there still is some moodiness, but I'm glad we didn't give up. Our 8yo DS is doing really well. (this is the 2nd month on these dosages) I am almost ready to start breathing again. :)