View Full Version : Daily De-clutter.... Wednesday, April 28th

04-28-10, 07:46 AM

I ran out of time this morning for posting. I just wanted to get this started in case anybody wanted to post. I'll be in a bit later with a list of "to dos" or a list of "did its" Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday!

04-28-10, 10:01 AM
I have a headache! It hit about 1/4 of the way through my morning drive and I'm waiting for the pain relievers to say "see ya" to it. Until then, I'm eating breakfast (ham & eggs...not green though) I do have a loose idea of what I would like to do today. Here it goes:

fill up the pig's water tank
do the same for the water for the ducks, chickens, and geese
mail my census form (just filled it out last night...whoops)
maintain the kitchen
pick up stuff in the living room
work on the entry
wash a couple of load of laundry
take out the trash
change bed sheets

Ok that's more stuff than I meant for it to be. I'll get at least part of it done. Might even declutter another cabinet in the kitchen. (=

04-28-10, 11:23 AM
I wasted the morning going to a nursery looking for perennials to brighten up the back yard for the party. I then heard a hard frost is expected tonight so I didn't buy anything.

Haircut at 1:00. This afternoon I really need to finish putting back all of the stuff I've pulled out and weed some more papers. I've lost my momentum and have o.d.'d on sorting over a decade of paperwork. If anyone has anything to get me fired up again- I could use it. Have a great day!

04-28-10, 11:41 AM
Suz57: I highly recommend you move on to something else an allow yourself a few days to recuperate from your fight with the paper demons. If you don't, the kick in the pants to your momentum will start to transfer over to other things. Tackle something else today. Also, remind yourself of what you are trying to do and how much you've accomplished so far. You CAN do this. :)

04-28-10, 11:51 AM
seriously harrowing day here so would be great if I could (again) pick up my clothes and find something nice to wear tomorrow.
I accomplished nothing last night; not home until after 8:30...
no energy to even make lists at the moment.

04-28-10, 12:02 PM
I hope your headache is gone Kry.... Good late morning everyone..

My list

Go to home depot finish buliding my foster dogs house...
Also go to a few places pay some bills....I try not to be looking at this forum while at home depot (forum on my phone) and run into things LOL......... I hate when I am not paying attention and I always run into things...he he he

Everything else on my list I got it all done yesterday...Laundry 6 loads later looks great and I put them away. Kids bathroom is clean....So happy I got caught up and now I can try and finish a project I started...

04-28-10, 10:59 PM
WHy on earth did I buy paint at home depot instead.......what was I thinking now I have a half painted living room (red)and I don't like the color anymore OMG I am freakin out!!!! I went for wood why did i even buy paint I have spent all day with this and now I am thinking why did I do this.....I can't believe I painted my white walls red and an ugly red oh my gosh I am so mad at myself...........