View Full Version : Do You Love Me When...(Dysfunctional Childhood)

04-28-10, 12:01 PM
When I keep up with my chores, and make all As & Bs,
Remember all my manners, say “Thank you” and say “Please”

When all is going well for you and I’m not in your way,
Then and only then, it’s “I love you” that you say.

But here is what I wonder, ‘cause I am real confused…
If you really love me, then why am I so bruised?

Do you really love me when you yell and put me down?
Or when I’m really happy and all you do is frown?

Is it really love when you shout, “Show me some respect!”
Or when I give an answer and you yell, “That is not correct!”

You expect me to be perfect, but I am just a kid.
Mistakes are how I learn things, but you’re ashamed of what I did.

Whenever you’re too busy, you act like I’m not there.
And when I show you something, you act like you don’t care.

I made a batch of cookies and you complained, “There’s too much salt!”
And do you really love me when you say it’s all my fault?

When I had a big performance, you said that you would go,
But when the big day came, you forgot and didn’t show.

I try so hard to please you, but I always make mistakes.
You smile in front of others, but I know it’s really fake.

Sometimes I even CHOOSE to cry and misbehave.
I don’t mean to make you mad, it’s your attention that I crave.

So desperate for approval, so wanting to be loved,
like climbing a broken ladder to try to get above.

Can you just say you’re sorry for everything you did?
And take me in your arms, ‘cause I was just a kid.

I know you can not change what happened in the past,
but I can’t just forget it, the memories do last.

And, if you really loved me, you’d want to set me free
from everything that’s hurtful and love me just for me.

So, just saying that you love me when everything is fine,
might be your idea of love, but it surely isn’t mine.