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05-01-10, 12:52 AM
The following is a poem I wrote based on all the different answers I get from my "out of the box" thinking ADHD students when asked:
"What's the difference between eight and five?".
It's an example of how something as simple as a subtraction problem can be seen is so many different ways...all are correct, but maybe not the answer a teacher would expect or accept (unless you're a spec. ed. teacher) :)

Eight & Five

What's the difference between eight and five?
How did they get THREE?
Those numbers are quite different, yes,
but that's not what I see.

Curvy lines that never end,
that's the number eight.
Five is only half-way curved,
the other lines are straight.

Five's a real strange number,
it's as odd as it can be.
Eight is very even...
TWO lines of symmetry.

Five is not as big is eight,
five feet is not that tall.
But if your measure EIGHT feet,
you'd be great at basketball!

Eight legs on an octopus,
five fingers on your hand.
Eight sides on a stop sign,
five players in a band.

Five is prime and eight is not,
another difference that I see,
But I still don't understand
why people think the answer's three!