View Full Version : Daily de-clutter for Saturday, May 1

05-01-10, 08:04 AM
Rise and shine everyone! Happy May Day! It's a gorgeous day. I'm going to need to finish my tea before I can decide what I'm going to accomplish today. Gardening is definitely on the list. It's the weekend so set some small goals but set aside some time just for you.:)

05-01-10, 08:33 AM
You posted this just 3 minutes after I posted mine :p... lol Too bad they don't have a delete button... I'd delete my post so we wouldn't have 2 up. Then again, maybe it will be double motivation! lol Ok gonna copy/paste my post over here......... :D

It's a WHOLE NEW MONTH!! Wowzers!


How are you today? So far so good over here. I have some things that I need/want to do today. It's not all decluttering but I'm gonna list the basics anyway. I think this month is going to kick of my body de-clutter too. I'm gonna get rid of about 20 pounds of body clutter. :D


fix fence in an attempt to keep the goats in
mow the wet grass before it rains again and gets it wetter
start a food diary
make a new financial calendar
maintain kitchen
laundry x 2
pick up living room
decide what's for dinner!

Guess that's it...or at least all I'm listing. What are your plans today? Whatever they are, KEEP IT FUN and have a SPECTACULAR Saturday! :p